Academic Bowl

May 23, 2018

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  • Each school can register two students to participate in the Academic Bowl

  • The students must complete each level independently. No additional resources may be used.

  • If you register a student and they can no longer participate you can swap out students.

  • Students must log in to the quiz with their assigned code. Teachers will receive an email confirming their registration and student codes. Students who login without a verified code will be booted from the quiz.

  • Teachers will be asked to use Slack to communicate during the Academic Bowl. You can join the Slack channel at the link below.

  • All quiz questions and answers will appear in a randomized order, each student will have two minutes to answer each question, and students will get more points for answering faster.

Email us if you have questions!

Academic Bowl: Quizizz

The Academic Bowl will take place on Quizizz. This web 2.0 tool allows students to independently take the exam virtually with students all across the nation. Students will NOT be able to interact with other students, nor will the be able to see any identifying information. Each student will get a username to join the game and I will track that student's progress with that username. If a student does sign into the quiz with their name, I will boot them out. I will be running the quizzes, on the site, and will be able to see the master leaderboard for the students participating. Please make sure that this site is whitelisted for student use on the day of the Academic Bowl. If you would like to practice using the site and to prepare for the Academic Bowl you can click on the practice quiz button below.
Practice Quiz

Join with this code: 601828

Why use Slack?

Slack is a communication tool that can be used on your internet browser, as a computer app, or a phone app. This tool always for real-time updates during the competition. This will help make sure that all students get logged in and can participate in the event successfully. It also allows me to send updates on start times or technical difficulties. This application is ONLY for TEACHER use. Click the button below to join our Slack group for the Academic Bowl.


Yes, there will be prizes! More information to come...