All-American Game

Early History

There are two leagues in the baseball world, the National League,1876, and the American League, 1901. However, long before they were created people played baseball. Baseball was played as early as the 1790's. It was a simple and easy game. You hit the ball and tried to run to the base without being tagged with the ball or being forced out. It wasn't until Abner Doubleday, that baseball was actually created as a sport. Doubleday created the game but in 1845, Alexander Joy Cartweight created the rules.

The Great Bambino

"You can't beat the person who never gives up"

  • George Herman Ruth (Feb. 6, 1895 - Aug. 16, 1948)
  • Debut was July 11, 1914 (Age 19) for The Boston Red Sox
  • Outfielder & Pitcher
  • Boston Red Sox, New York Yankees, Boston Braves
  • Last game was May 30, 1935 (Age 40)
  • Inducted to the Hall of Fame in 1936
  • Home runs: 714
  • Batting average: .342

What has changed?

When baseball first started nothing was really how it is now. Players uniforms weren't as nice as they are today. Since the beginning things such as helmets and better shoes and bats have been added. There was not as many safety regulations like there are now also. Players are mandatory to see professional doctors and trainers before and after games. Also today's baseball players are on the road more. However with traveling that means higher pay. Things such as performance enhancement drugs have increased since the game was first played. Players want to be their best so, some use these drugs without thinking what it can do to their bodies and their career if they were to be caught. Some rules have been changed as well. But just liked back in the day, baseball is still a big sport. There is at least one professional baseball team in every state in the US.


  • 1846: First official game was played in New York City
  • 1867: First recorded curveball was thrown (Candy Cummings)
  • 1869: First professional teams was formed (Cincinnati Red Stockings)
  • 1876: The National League was created
  • 1880: First perfect game was pitched by Lee Richmond
  • 1884: Moses Fleetwood Walker is the first African American player in MLB
  • 1900: The American League was created
  • 1903: Boston Americans win the first World Series
  • 1906: Chicago Cubs win most single season games in history
  • 1908: "Take Me Out To The Ball Game" was created
  • 1912: Fenway Park opens
  • 1921: Baseball is first heard over the radio
  • 1933: First All-star game is played
  • 1935: First night game (Crosley Field, Cincinnati)
  • 1936: Baseball Hall of Fame opens
  • 1943: First All-American girl team is formed
  • 1947: First televised World Series
  • 1965: First domed stadium (Astrodome, Houston)
  • 1994: No World Series was held do to a Players strike
  • 2008: Final game in Yankee Stadium is played


  • Harry Bartholomew Hooper (Aug. 24, 1887 - Dec. 18, 1974)
  • Debut was April 19, 1909 (Age 21)
  • Rightfielder
  • Boston Red Sox, Chicago White Sox
  • Last game was on Oct. 4, 1925 (Age 38)
  • Inducted to The Hall of Fame in 1971
  • Home runs: 75
  • Batting average: .281

Popularity Boost

Baseball was the most popular sport in its early years. Yes, it's still a popular sport today but football is becoming a more popular sport. Most believe it's because football has a high percent of betting and it's shown every day throughout the season. Football ,as well as basketball, is on the rise while baseball is slowly decreasing. Despit the fact baseball is not as popular today like in the 1900's, millions of people every season go to watch the games. Baseball has more games per season but smaller stadiums, while football have very large stadiums and not as many games.

Double X

  • James Emory Foxx (Oct. 22, 1907 - July 21, 1967)
  • Debut was May 1, 1925 (Age 17)
  • First and Third Baseman, Catcher
  • Philadelphia Athletics, Boston Red Sox, Chicago Cubs
  • Last game was on Sept. 23, 1945 (Age 37)
  • Inducted to The Hall of Fame in 1951
  • Home runs: 534
  • Batting average: .325

Economic Impact

Baseball brings in large amounts of money. As people began making more money they wanted something to do with it. So, people began going to baseball games. As it grew the prices for tickets, parking, fan gear, concession items also grew. Things like taxes also grew as this sport did. The stadiums that were built offered jobs, which helped the economy. With the popularity growing so did the players wages. Some players today get millions for every season they play.

Social Impact

Baseball brings people together. It shows how to work like a team and how to be competitive but in a friendly manner. It also shows hard work. Baseball, and other sports, shows that in order to be successful you should practice and train to be the best you can be. These concepts don't apply to just sports. They can apply to work or school or to maybe even achieve a goal.

Political Impact

Baseball and politics usually don't mix. But, around election time they do. Many candidates use baseball for their advertisement. Baseball is usually out of the political spotlight but some politics use this sport to try and gain votes for their race.