Come to Australia

The Lucky Country!

Australia's right to vote.

Australia is a free country where every citizen has the right to vote and to also speak and explain their own opinion. The government of Australia may be examined in two distinct concepts namely federalism and the seperation of powers into executive, legislative and judicial branches of power. The Australian Federal system is a unique mixture of Westminister (the british or queen) and and U.S systems of federal representative democracy, meaning the system and distribution of political power is in the hands of the public the Australian People.

The Lucky Country! Big cities, country towns, Aussies always willing to lend a hand in tough times and share a laugh in good times.

Multicultural country with respect for all races, religions, culture, genders and socioeconomic background, Aussie's are accepting!

Beaches and Adventure

Australia has many unbeleivable and ureal beaches one of these beaches hold a world record which is the world whitest sand so come and see it for yourself. (Hyams Beach). Daintree Rainforest, the Great Barrier Reef, Uluru, Jenolan Caves, Bondi Beach, hiking, diving, swimming, caving, wide open spaces, lots to see, do and enjoy. BBQs, camping, footy games and sausage sizzles are all part of the Aussie lifestyle. We enjoy our sports and we enjoy socialising, drinking and relaxing with mates.

Australia !! Why not ?? It's God's country!!


- Communities containing multiple cultures

- Cultural Diversity

- Ideologies and policies accepted by the people of Australia to promote diversity, enriching the Australian culture.

- Respect

- Acceptance

- Assimilate


- Kangaroos

- Koalas

- Platepus

- Red Belly Black Snake

- Pelicans

- Albatross

- Wallaby

- King Parrot

- Lyrebird

- Box jellyfish

- Sea Turtles

- Green Tree Frog

To name a few