7-12 Grades, All Levels: 1/2-7/8

December 2014 Teachers and Site Administration: Thank You for your Hard Work in ELD Semester One!

Data Director Information

The course-level tests and the Student Answer Documents are in Data Director now.

Middle School Students may view the tests on their i-Pads:

Download .pdfs, open in the APP to view, and mark answers on the paper Data Director Sheet. Purge/Delete the EOC from i-Pad library before leaving class.

More Semester 1 ELD EOC and PT information is available at the ELD Professional Development Course accessed by clicking on the link below:

EOCs and Semester 1 ELD PTs Due in Data Director

Wednesday, Dec. 17th 2014 at 4pm

This is an online event.

ELD PTs Answer Documents #38406

Please mark .5 on the answer sheet for any PT not completed by student.

Disregard these .5 not completed data when discussing student results, class results and school student trends and preparing for second semester instruction.

Click here for more information:


ELD CCSS Year One Implementation

Thank you to all who have taken so much time to learn and share with colleagues new skills and strategies during our ELD Professional Development, to respond with feedback regarding ELD Program needs as we implement CCSS, and who have remained ever-patient as we make school and district-wide changes in our ELD placement, assessments, instruction, and curriculum focus.

Your commitment to teaching our EL students English and helping them and their families acclimate to new schools, homes, and cultures, is outstanding.

Thank you for making our ELD program at SUHSD ahead of others in the State. Have a wonderful Winter Break and may you return well-rested in January .