Personality Type: True Colors Green

Anthony Tomalewski

Overview of My Color

I for one, totally can agree with being green. I think about hypothetical scenarios almost everyday, and if I get confused about I will look it up. For example, a few days ago I was perplexed by momentum and how action-reaction forces don't cancel all of the time, and I made several realizations about it. I also ask informed adults my questions all of the time, which is one of the reasons I won the science award in 7th grade. I also have been told by my friends that I am a calm, quiet person.

Childhood & Relationships

In my childhood, I was totally impatient with everything. If I knew I was going to do something, I wanted to do it that instant, not later. For example, I would have sleepless nights just thinking about going to Cedar Point because that was one of my favorite places as a kid. As for speaking educationally, I always was usually above the rest in terms of math, science, and music. I am in the highest math possible currently, highest band class, and am hyper-interested in science.

As for my relationships, I agree and disagree. My head totally gets in the way sometimes. I usually overthink decisions, no matter how small, and stress about it. I also can't stand repetition, and always am thinking about new topics to think about and things to do. I also feel weird when my emotions get the best of me, however I know it is my best interest to pay attention to them.


This I sort of agree with, but not totally. I am an independent thinker (as in I hate group work), but work is NOT play at all. I do like constant challenges, and I love thinking outside the box or thinking of a new, better idea. I don't like dwelling on old projects though, I would rather have other people maintain, and me think up new things.

Leadership Style

This is everything I am and more! I couldn't agree with this more if I tried. Basically when I am put in charge of something, I look for competence and intelligence, and I don't really like it when people get distracted. More or less I'd rather people stay on task, with relevant ideas. I also like improving bad systems, because things should usually be better. I would like to think of myself as a visionary. I know for a fact I am analytical, and I always expect follow ups. This is totally me.

Symptoms of a Bad Day

Okay so these are actually pretty similar to how I act on a bad day, believe it or not. One I totally agree with is being super critical of myself and others. I am very critical of myself and on a bad day, I will direct my salty personality on others. Also sarcasm, that's all me. Sometimes I will make snobbish, sarcastic remarks towards friends/family, which while letting me vent a little, puts them down too. "Perfectionism due to severe performance anxiety" is the kicker though. It is very similar to me, because I almost always get anxious when I am under a little stress, which stresses me more. I guess the only part I don't agree with is indecisiveness. I get a little withdrawn on bad days, kind of just holing up in my room.

Thoughts about my color.

So I am undeniably a green. The characteristics that fit me the best are logical, analytical, and hypothetical. I am always thinking on the logical side of things, analyzing every detail closely. Then I'll think up new scenarios that could play out. However there are characteristics that don't fit me, those being snobby, perfectionist, and calm. I just don't feel like I match any of those that well. A job that would fit me well would be one at NASA or SpaceX because of the many problems facing those markets as well as the idea that nothing is perfect. Being green would affect me there because I would strive for the best, most efficient way to solve a problem, but could turn me into a jerk in the process. However I do think the stress wouldn't get to me, as I could easily solve the small issues, and dedicate other people to those. People could get tired of me striving for perfection though. It is really hard to say though, because I don't have those jobs yet.