Sabin Salutations


What Happened This Week?

• The children completed their second informational writing piece. The piece highlights two different holidays. The kids final copy was organized in three paragraphs.

• Our text features for the week were graphs, timelines, and a glossary.

• The kids were busy completing a New Years gift for their families. We hope you like them!

• All week, the kids were busy finishing their All About Me books. Several kids have chosen to add this to their monthly portfolio.

• During math, the kids learned about how to decompose a number using number bonds.

• Our countdown to Winter Break continued. The kids really enjoyed finding out the way we would celebrate each day.

• On Friday, the kids were able to attend a holiday concert. Members of the Vernon Hills Chamber Choir joined our school to celebrate the holidays. Later in the afternoon, the students participated in a K-2 sing-a-long.

What Will Happen After Break?

• To honor Martin Luther King Day, we learn all about what he did for our country. The kids will learn how to take notes during these activities. Each child will take their own notes about MLK Jr.

• To review our text features, the kids will read Exploring Space. This is an informational text. Students will take part in a scavenger hunt using the book. Finally, they will identify the main idea and details in different sections of the book.

• We will begin our geography unit! Many of the kids are very excited to learn all about world. To begin, we will talk about where they are on a map. The kids will learn about the seven continents, cardinal directions, and oceans.

• During math, we will review what we learned before break. Finally, we will talk about the last addition strategies that we will be introducing this unit.

Mrs. Melissa Sabin

Please read all about our week at Townline!

What Can We Do At Home?

• Enjoy and relax your break!

• Continue reading

• Do you have a map at home? Talk about what maps are at home. Many of the children were not familiar with their home address. At home, have children practice reciting their address to you.

• Have fun with your family!

• See you all in 2016! Happy New Year!