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Ko Taranaki te mounga

Ko Huatoki te awa

Ko Tokomaru te waka

Ko Te Atiawa te iwi

Ko Ngāti Te Whiti te hapū

Ko te Kura o Huatoki te kura.

Ko Taranaki, ko Huatoki, ko Paetoki oku tīma

Tihei mauri ora!


Our Mission: Manaaki whenua, Manaaki tangata, Haere Whakamua

Care for the land, Care for the people, Go Forward

Our Values: I.R.O.C.K

Inclusive, Respectful, Original, Courageous, Kind

Whakauru, Whakaute, Tipu, Kaha, Atawhai

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Our 5 school values are I.R.O.C.K.

These are for our Vogeltown learners to be:

Inclusive (Whakaru), Respectful (Whakaute), Original (Tipu), Courageous (Kaha) and Kind (Atawhai).

These values were chosen by the staff, learners and community of Vogeltown School in 2019.

This term we are focusing on being 'Kind'.

To be kind and welcoming to all our new Vogeltown learners is the 'Vogeltown Way'. We show kindness as this is part of our school vision of Manaaki Tangata - Caring for the people.

Being a 'Vogeltowner' is being a good citizen of our community - someone who is kind and caring!


WHAT: Kindness or Manaakitanga, is showing care and concern for other people, animals and the environment – ‘caring for the people’. It is part of our school vision and one of our values.

Kindness is especially important at the start of the year. We are all a bit nervous about the new year, our new class, our new teacher and making new friends, so we show kindness.

WHY: We need kindness for people to ‘get on’ and relate to each other, animals and the environment. “Manāki Tangata, Manāki whenua - To care for the people and to care for the land” this is a big part of our school vision.

HOW: By welcoming new people to our school – making new friends

By making everyone feel welcome to your class or our school

By taking notice if things need your care

By treating other people the way you would like to be treated


You practise environmentally friendly habits such as recycling

You take excellent care of your friends, new people

You accept that people are different

You have respect for the feelings and well being of others


Kia ora koutou to our Vogeltown whanau, welcome to the end of our seventh week of Term 1. It has been another busy week which culminated in the Learning Conferences last night and today. A massive thanks to all our whanau who came in for learning conferences, we have really enjoyed the chance to catch up and discuss your child(ren)'s learning.

We will send out a copy of the progress reports that were discussed at these meetings on Monday. They will come home with your child.

This week we also saw the arrival of our new classroom at the Junior School. This is going to be a great asset to Vogeltown as our roll continues to grow - especially at the Junior side. We hope to open up this space at the beginning of Term 2. Mrs Newland will start a class of New Entrants in here and we will be able to use the rest of the space for junior syndicate assemblies and PE lessons in the winter months. We are going to develop this area further with an outdoor nature playground beside the room and a 'nature track' behind the classroom. We will be having an opening as soon as it is ready.

We are really starting to hit full stride in our learning at Vogeltown. The teachers and learners have been working really hard on their learning and there has been some fantastic work happening in the classrooms. It is great to see all the Vogeltown learners engaged in their learning, knowing their goals and making good progress - Tu Meke, team!

Next week we have the Paetoki team swimming sports on Tuesday at the Highlands Intermediate school pool. A timetable will come home on Monday about this day. If you are planning on coming down, bring your togs for the teachers vs students vs parents race!

As we head deeper into autumn, the mornings are getting colder, although the day heats up. As such, our Taranaki (Junior) and Huatoki (Middle) teams are no longer going to do swimming each day. Our Paetoki (Senior) team will still go swimming as long as it stays warm. We will still offer lunchtime swims until it becomes too cold to do so.

Aroha nui, Mr O


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Over the next 3 weeks we are going to introduce our Class Reps. Our Class reps are our senior school leaders whose main objective is to seek 'student feedback' for the staff.

This week they decided we need to have a 'dress up day' and have come up with the concept of 'Fantasy Friday' where everyone can dress up in any costume/outfit they want for this day, which will be on Friday 9th April.

As part of this day, we are asking each student to bring a gold coin to be donated to the SPCA.

Here is an insight in to our first three class reps:


Hi my name is Sienna Frost. I’m a class rep in Room 12. I think I was chosen as class rep because I like to help others and do jobs.

I like to hang out with my friends and cats. I enjoy drawing, colouring and anything to do with Art! A good idea I have for the school is to add more hooks for bags!

Thanks whanau!



Hi, my name is Amber Williams. I’m a class rep in Room 9

I think I was chosen for class rep because I am sensible, listen and follow instructions, and I’m independent.

I like to play hockey, athletics, play with my animals, horse riding, and Red Pandas. I enjoy homework (YES HOMEWORK), art, pets, technology, music, singing, and biking/scootering.

A good idea I have for the school is a brand new school flag.

Thanks, Whanau, Amber


Kia ora my name is Charlee. I'm a class rep in room 14. I think I was chosen as class rep because I am a good role model and a great leader. I am very proud, I like to be the class representative. I really enjoy sport and food.

A good idea I have for this year is to make t-shirts for all class reps!

Thanks Whanau



I am..

I am resourceful and unsure

I wonder if people will ever worry and care for me

I hear machines running and factories working

I see smoke in the air and children sorrowing

I want peace and blissful joy in the world

I am resourceful and unsure

I pretend that humans aren't here

I feel abused and disowned by people

I touch hope but no ones cares

I worry about the future and liVES

I cry out for help but no one listens

I am resourceful and unsure

I understand that i will always be this way

I say we change or we will have to die this way

I dream that everything will change

I try not to cry while humans destroy me

I hope for peace and love in the world

I am resourceful and unsure

Alberta M

I am...

I am kind and hardworking

I wonder what work is like

I hear my kids ariwing

I see my kids leaving for school

I want to go back to work

I am kind and hard working

I pretend im at work

I feel happy when my kids have been good

I touch the diggers at work

I worry when my kid be naughty at school

I cry when my kids take me for granted

I am kind and hardworking

I understand my kids

I say love you when my kids go to bed

I dream to have a truck and digger

I try to not get angry

I hope for heaps of cars

I am kind and hardworking

Caleb Greenhill

I am ……...

I am clever and speedy

I wonder if people envy me

I hear children squealing

I see people crying for help

I want to take a break from heroics

I am clever and speedy

I pretend i can have a normal life

I feel my damaged suit damaged after a fight

I touch my old glasses remembering my life

I worry that Aunt May gets hurt

I cry because i let people get hurt

I am clever and speedy

I understand i can’t save everyone

I say with great power comes great responsibility

I dream for a better life

I try help everyone

I hope i can be a good hero

I am clever and speedy

Sid Croad

If I was Prime Minister writing - Rm 14

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Each term we have a couple of school policies that require reviewing by the community. This term we are reviewing the 'Home Learning' policy.

All our policies are available on the 'School Docs' website - this are available at any time.

Please login in to 'School Docs' and go to reviews to have a read of this policy and give the BOT some feedback.


Login: vogeltown

P/Wd: huatoki

Nga mihi nui - Vogeltown BOT


Winter Sport Terms 2 and 3 - last week to register

Registrations for all school winter sports are now open through our Kindo Shop on the following link. http://www.vogeltown.school.nz/kindo-shop/

This is the final week to register for all sports, they close off at the end of this week (Sunday 21 March)

Sports available to play are:

Netball (Yr 3-6)

Miniball (Yr 0-4)

Basketball (Yr 5-6)

Hockey (Yr 3-6)

Details on each sport are available when you sign in to your Kindo account.

Funsticks Hockey (Yrs 0-2)

Funsticks is an 8 week programme aimed at learning the basics of hockey through skills and fun games. If you are interested in your child joining this programme please use the following link to sign up directly with Taranaki Hockey.


Any children wishing to sign up for rugby or football please sign up with your local club as these sports are not offered through the school.


Birthdays this week -

These Vogeltown students had their birthday this week - Happy birthday to these Vogeltowners:

Tanae Beer-Rauner, Lukas Shotter, Rinto Shimada



TERM CALENDAR – Put all these dates in your diary or your phone!
Remember to check the school calendar on our website. We will put all updates on Facebook &

the website. Link to school calendar: http://www.vogeltown.school.nz/calendar/


23 March Senior Swimming sports (at Highlands Intermediate pool)

30 March Lockdown Drill at 9.45am

31 March - Weetbix Tryathlon


2 April - GOOD FRIDAY (No School)

5 April - EASTER MONDAY (No School)

6 April - EASTER TUESDAY (No School)

8 April - Starting School the VS way evening 5:30pm - 6:30pm

9 April - Fantasy Friday - Dress up day and gold coin donation

9 April - Four Year Old Friday, 9:15am to 11:00am

14 April - Whanau Fiesta 4pm - 6pm on the senior side

16 April - Last day of Term 1 2021


3 May - Start of Term 2


1) Please remember to contact the school office if your child is absent. You can do this via Skool Loop, text 021 753 680 or ph 06 753 6843. Please do not use SeeSaw for student absences - these must come through the office. Please tell the office even if you have let the teacher know.

2) Please also remember, to scan the Covid-19 QR code when you come in to the school. if you are signing your child(ren) in/out, you will still need to scan the QR code. Thanks heaps for stopping this virus in NZ.

Thanks whanau

Stay safe and be kind to each other. Good luck to all those learners involved in sport tonight and over the weekend - give it all you have!

Thank you for the ongoing support of Vogeltown School, we appreciate the community we live in.

On behalf of the Vogeltown team,

Ka kite ano

Jeremy Ogle - Principal/Tumuaki


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WEETBIX TRYathlon 2021 Ngamotu Beach

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We are only 2 weeks away from the New Plymouth Sanitarium Weet-Bix Kids TRYathlon at Ngamotu Beach on Wednesday 31st March.

The Early Bird pricing is no longer available, so if you enter from now on you will need to collect your TRYathlete pack at our Early Pack Pick Up or on the event day.

New Plymouth Rangers Junior Football Registration

Registrations are now open for anyone looking to play football for New Plymouth Rangers in 2021. The club has junior teams for players aged 4 and older and caters to all skill levels from beginners to budding young professionals.

In 2021 the club is introducing a new Academy curriculum for serious young footballers born in 2012 or earlier, led by our new Director of Football, who has come to New Plymouth from Olé Football Academy. Players in the Academy will train within a curriculum designed by Olé. It will incorporate the key elements integral to the development process at their Wellington academy, and players should expect to learn, be challenged, and have a lot of fun.

This is a unique opportunity for players to experience ‘The Olé Way’ right here in New Plymouth, and develop within a proven method, known for producing players who are now at the highest level around the world.

To register, visit https://www.nprangers.co.nz/junior-registration or contact Director of Football James Malthus (james@nprangers.co.nz) for more information.