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Distance Learning Newsletter / August 2020

Student Logins for Zoom

The first link below is a quick guide on the steps students must follow to successfully log into the Zoom App on Chromebooks their first time. Students have to log into the Zoom App before or during their first Zoom session. After their first time it saves their information and they are able to simply click on their teachers Zoom link and they are in the teacher's Zoom session. Note: If a student chooses Join Session in Web Browser they will have limited functionality. They should use the Zoom App installed on the Chromebook.

How to Join a Zoom Meeting (Feel free to post on your websites)

You will need to download the Zoom app to your phone to view the online chats and submit questions by phone. Check out this video for help

If you're attending with your computer check out this video

Natural Reader for Struggling Readers & Others

This online tool will read any pdf to the student. It's highly recommended by my colleagues and is free during COVID should you like to use it.

1. Provide a login for each one of your students.
2. Students are allowed to copy and paste text directly into the web-based version, choose a voice and speed they like, and click play.
3. Upload a pdf or word document to Natural Readers to be read aloud.
4. Upload a pdf or word document to Natural Readers, convert to an MP3 file, download the audio file to their device, and listen to the recording.

NaturalReader text to speech software

Important Information ~ Listen Up

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Copyright and Fair Use Animation

Copyright and Fair Use

As a response to our virtual learning environment, many publishers have granted permission to create and use storytime read alouds. There are specific requirements to this permission. Please find these guidelines below. Also, utilize the links below to access specific Copyright/Fair Use examples.

  • The teacher must state prior to reading that, “This book is being shared with permission of ___________ (state publisher).”

  • If recording a read aloud, the recording must be in a closed platform (i.e. Zoom platform accessible with password, unlisted YouTube video, posted in a Google classroom, etc.) and then removed by the end of the current school year

  • Pay attention to permission expiration dates (i.e. Penguin Random House’s permission expires December 31, 2020, Simon & Schuster’s permission expires August 31, 2020)

  • Refrain from searching and using previously recorded book readings found via YouTube unless specifically published by the publishing company (i.e. Harper Kids has a published page with read alouds of many of their books.)

Further information about copyright laws:

Ed Surge: Can Teachers Read Books Out Loud Online? Actually, Yes.

Penguin Random House OKs Online Storytime, Read-aloud Videos

Simon & Schuster Online Book Readings – Spring 2020 (COVID‑19) Guidelines

GLMA Digital Resources

Library Media Services encourages students and teachers to utilize the thousands of ebooks available in MyBackpack. When looking for digital resources. Please be reminded of our partnership with Fulton County Library System known as CLASS Pass. This partnership provides access to tens of thousands of ebooks, digital resources and research databases and is available to all APS students and staff.

SEL Book of the Month

Our SEL Book of the Month is:

Look Both Ways by: Jason Reynolds

THEME: Welcome to the School Community

COMPETENCY: Relationship Skills

Jason Reynolds Reads from Look Both Ways

Visit My Bitmoji Interactive Classroom

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AR Training for Students

I will be contacting the ELA teachers to set up a date when I may visit your Zoom Classroom so I may train students on AR or provide a refresher to those who may have forgotten how to use it. Please look out for an email from me next week. In the meantime, please have your students join my Google Classroom: 7sxirlp. There will be important resources and how to information that will continue to be updated in there.