How to be Safe


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Personal contact information

Addresses and phone numbers could help potential stalkers locate you much more easily

Password hints

Do not post your password to Facebook or to any other accounts.

When you will be or are away from home

Do not post comments about going out of town for the night or week. It will give others an idea of when your house will be empty.

Do not post photos while on vacation, potential burglars will be able to tell they have time to pay your home an unwanted visit.

Consider avoiding “checking in” to places, as this is also a record of when you aren't home.

Anything you don’t want others to share

If you don’t want everyone to know about something, do not post it. Others can share your status or photos, or save them and send to whomever they choose.

Complaints about school or other people are likely to get back to your mother and the every one else, and that can hurt your social life.

If you have any doubts about what your about to say don't say it

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