Plate Tectonics

Make Usain Bolt Look Slow

Plates and Shift

Plates are simply large land masses that get spread by magma. When plates collide, and rub they form mountains, volcanos, and the rubbing can cause earthquakes.

Bumgarner Theory (unofficial)

Did The Continents Move 4 to 5 Cm Or Drastically more than that 4 1/2 thousand years ago.

Reasoning For My Question

Scientist now have reason to believe that the earth's rotation changed 4 1/2 Thousand years ago. While the rotation only lasted for a few years or so, Bumgarner believes the shift rate changed about 4 1/2 thousand years ago because of the rotation.

Why The Rotation

The only reason the earth's rotation could have changed is because of the plates being stressed and heated. The only way the plates could have been stressed, would be if there was a substantial amount of weight on them. The only way there is that much stress is because there is a lot of water on top of the plates.


The story of noah's ark took place 4 1/2 thousand years ago. According to Bumgarner's theory there was a massive amount of water on top of the plates. That water on the plates had to cause flooding, therefor resulting in the use of noah's ark.


It is important because it can support views behind many different religions.