ACE Literacy Newsletter

Elementary Literacy | April 2019 YEAR 4: VOL. 5

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In this Edition:

STAAR Prep: Transformation learning

Comprehension: Genre strategy tools

Instructional Resources: 6th Six Weeks Instructional Calendars

Celebrations: Ideas for motivating students

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Preparing great readers

This month’s instructional focus is building engagement through transformation learning. Consider ways that you can create a memorable learning experience as you work with students to review STAAR aligned reading strategies.

Examples from ACE Campuses

Students Hard at Work

In the example below, students at Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Learning Centered deconstructed literacy with an engaging construction transformation.

We Love Reading 'A Latte'

Check out this space from MLK Learning Center that engages students with reading in a relaxing cafe space.

Boot Camp

In this transformation, teachers at Pease Elementary set up a Saturday School boot camp complete with an obstacle course for 'cadets' to run through as they completed their learning missions!

Literacy Emergency

Students were rushed into an emergency room to solve to problems with different learning patients in this transformation. Students were completely engaged with this exciting room.

Grammar Detectives

In this relatively simple transformation, students become detectives to solve the mystery. Using grammar clues, the class assumes the role of detective to revise and edit the statements of witnesses.
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Genre Strategy Tools

Now that you have been practicing with the Genre Thinking Jobs, increase the rigor as you prepare for STAAR by really honing in on the strategies that will align with each genre. Take a look at these genre strategy tools to help.

As you work with students to answer comprehension questions, narrow in on the comprehension strategy that will help them solve the answer.

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Resource Spotlight

Hot off the press: 6th Six Weeks curriculum calendars

When reviewing these calendars, pay close attention to the genre for the week. Select a great mentor text in line with the genre for the week and practice the SE’s listed for each day with that model text. Also- use the STAAR aligned question stems in the document to write your DOLs and plan your questions during your lesson!

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Celebrate Success!

Rewards are a way to recognize achievement and celebrate success, progress, and events in students’ lives. The rewards should fit with the goals and mission of the school. Non-material, non-food rewards are powerful ways to recognize and celebrate students’ success.

  • Pajama Day
  • Crazy Hat Day (or hair, pants, shirt)
  • Super Hero Day
  • Beach Party
  • Have class outside
  • Have lunch outside
  • Game of quiet ball
  • Sit in the teacher’s chair/desk/podium for half a day
  • Desk Buddy: move desk to sit by a friend x half a day, an hour, etc.
  • Nature hike outside
  • Indoor Scavenger Hunt
  • Choose a __book___ for the class (or game, music, physical activity break)
  • Read with a friend in a special area in the classroom
  • Call, text or email the parent about the student’s success
  • Announce student’s success over the morning announcements
  • Post a certificate on the wall noting the student’s success
  • Group game
  • Walk and Talk with the principal

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