My Freedom Flyer

By:Christy Bryant

Freedom our Freedom

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The Freedom of America

As we where in a battle we had longed for freedom. we longed to be able to go where ever we want or do what ever we like. it was our destiny to be free. So then the Decleraqtion of Independence came and we where finaly free.

christy bryant

Friday, Sep. 21st 2012 at 9pm

Mount Vernon, TX

Mt Vernon, TX

We need our freedom because it lets other counties know that we have a choice that they have no control over us...

Texas Our Texas

We where brought up pf slavery and hard working men but then we had got away from the britian community. We where no longer under there control,and that is why we are our own nation we have control over our selves now. we are finaly free!!!!

The Freedom of our Texas

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The freedom

The reason we are so free is cause our founding fathers have sighned the Decleration of Independence witch has set us free. And that has made us who we are today.