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Multicultural Romance with Spice...

Let the Games Re-Begin!


Hey everyone!

It's Jenny Ipp here!

Awesome news....the games will begin December 1st 2016 and will go until December 23, 2016.

We have lots of awesome gifts and prizes.

We decided to focus on the Christmas season only...when our numbers sorta weren't there.

Not to mention, with one Month...we can make the prizes bigger and better!

From Seasonal Print books...Gift cards...Gift baskets and much much more.

So come on guys let's have some fun...

What you basically have to do is read both Alexandria Infante's and Aurele Parker's books from now until the games begin; and to top it off both are offering a freebie!

You can Pop on over to either Alexandria's or Aurele's Blogs and check out their sizzling books!

For Kick ass Paranormal you can sink your teeth into!

Check out Alexandria Infante's 4 Paranormal series...

Teaching Between Midnight & Dawn (13 Books to chose from)

A Lite Farie Tale (5 Books to Chose from)

The Soledo Witch Series

Bayou Blues; Louisiana Made

From Fae to're sure to find something to bite you back!

Aurele Parker's sizzling sexy Erotic romance...

This is for the Grown & kid stuff here!


So much'll need a cold shower!

Take it Like a Woman

That's the Way He Wants It!

That's the Way She Wants It!

Sex like this should be illegal!

For something sweet and Historically Romantic...

Alie Infante

A Lad's Trouser's

A Queen Among Thieves

Napoleon's Gift

Fire &Ice

A Slow Time to Love

My Russian's Heart Knows Best; 2nd Prince Antov

My Russian's Endeavor; Caprice; 3rd Prince Sergi

Have Care My Russian Prince; 1st Prince Demetrius

Shards of Grey; Duke Willim

Who said History was boring!

Contemporary Romance wit some Spice!

Alexandria Infante

Two Sides of OPA!

A Scottish Lullaby

Okay...So I Love Ye...


Box This

Into the Groove

Chef's Like it Hot!

I Don't Want You...But I Need You...

I Don't Need You...But I Want You...

Experience a lil Sabor Latina!

If A Sexy Whodunit is what You're looking for!

Alexandria Infante

Grave Reviews; Hannah

Grave Reviews; Megan

Grave Reviews; Coco

Whodunit...never looked this sexy before!

Each week of December both authors will draw names for weekly prizes...and winners... you never could be you!

And to get you started...both authors are offering 1 Free Book to readers...of YOUR CHOICE!

Is that fricken awesome or what!

Simply head over to the blogs...check out the snippets and blurbs...then choose ONE title (1 book per reader from any genre) then email them with your Kindle Address saying "Hi and tell them a little about yourself" and if you have ever read one of their books...and if so what did you enjoy about it" @

That way we have your email on file!

And that's it!

So come on over and join the fun!!!!

It's All about them thangs that go Bump in da Night!

For the month of October....

We will be featuring all 22 Paranormal Books by Alexandria Infante

Teaching Between Midnight & Dawn series

A Lite Farie Tale series

The Soledo Witch series &

Bayou Blues; Louisiana Made.

From Sexy British Ass Spanking Hot Celtic Fae....all wrapped in ancient Mythology from Egypt to Scandinavia!

She has just the right book for you...with a lil Island spice added to it.

If you've never read an Alexandria Infante Paranormal Romance...then check them out today @, B&N Nook. Simply type in Alexandria Infante.

Come meet Arieanna, Auron, Midna, Prince Kailen, Jobey, Saix, Danni, Lychelin and the'll love every sizzling smoking bit of it!

So if you haven't read'd best get to "Reading" lol.

Blogs... (for the games)

The games will be featured on the Blogs... you have to sign (follow) up to play...

It also just simply gives us a chance to gauge our readers....see how many are actually following...not to mention gives you more chances to win.

A heads up can also follow us here on the news letter page.

If you are having any issues signing up for the blogs .please email me...Jenny IPP @

The 1st game will go up Nov 30th...however please do not post until Thursday December 1st.


Hope to hear from you all!

Email Removal...


so we know that readers get lots and lots of email from PA's promoting this author or that.

We also know that it can be overwhelming at times to be bombarded by email after email.

So if you would like to be taken off our Email List...

Simply email us @ give us your email...(we have over 200 readers on the it would help us out greatly if you could give it to us for fast easy removal) and we'll get you off the list.


if we don't have your email...then you don't qualify for the games.

Winners will receive a congratulatory email and instructions on how to receive the we need your email if you intend on playing.

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Up Coming Releases By Alexandria & Alie Infante

Short Contemporary Romances...

December 2016

Catered Lies...

Grave Reviews Jeremy...

Ahhh No!

2017 Contemporary Romance Releases...

Fortis Fortuna Adiuvat; Fortune Favors the Bold

It's the Little Things...

For Now

So NOT a Fan

Chef's Like it Hot; Deception

Paranormal Romance 2017

To Catch a Witch; the Soledo Witch Series Book 3

So's Bad; Izzy & Luc; Bayou Blues Series Book 2

From Beginning to End; Gamora; TBMD Series Book 14

Any Which Way but Fae! A Lite Farie Tale Series Book 6

Historical Romance 2017


Love Letters

Thieves in the Midst

19 Crimes

Up Coming Short Releases by Aurele Parker...

Contemporary Erotica


December 2016;

"Demon Says"

"Din of Sin"


She Said Fuck it!

The Three Amigos

Like a Lollypop

The Din of Sin

She F#$%s like a Man!

Contact Us...

You can reach me any day of the week by simply emailing me @ and I will instantly respond, just address your email to me Jenny Ipp.

As for Alie and may a few days for them to get back to you.