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Sloths live in the jungles of South and Central America, In tall trees with lots of food.(lucy Cooke)Sloths spend their whole lives about in trees.(lucy Cooke) Sloths live in 86 to 93 degrees.(sloths)Sloths have to live in warm climates because their bodys get cold fast.

(Bradypus variegatus)


As you know sloths are very slow their top speed is (15mph). (sloths) They are so slow because they have about half as much muscle tissue, they can move at a higher speed if they are in immediate danger from a predator, but they burn large amounts of energy doing it.( sloths facts sheet)

Body Covering

Sloths have fur, that grows opposite direction to that of other mammals, and they have a green tinge to their fur that's is bacteria that is good for them.(sloths2) Sloths have brown white gray fur.(sloths)
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Sloths are omnivores they eat leaves most time and flowers and fruit.(sloths) They don't eat that much because they cant digest easily because they have a weak digest system(sloths2)


Sloths do almost everything hanging upside down in trees, including mating. Two types of sloths—two-toed and three-toed—live in Central and South America. They are the slowest mammals on earth, and this sometimes prevents female sloths from meeting their reproductive capacity of one offspring per year.(pets)
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Some sloths stay in the same tree for years. Their huge hooked claws and long arms allow them to spend most of their time hanging upside-down from trees.
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