Social Issues by ; Abigail Coronel


Suicide affects :
My issue is suicide . Suicide its a huge issue because they think that their life dosen't have a meaning and they think suicide is the only way out. It maffect many people such as their parents , friends and loved ones .Suicide is often extremely traumatic for the friends and family members that remain the survivors even though people that attempt suicide often think that no-one cares about them.
What can we do to help?
The cause of this problem would a physical and person problem , many people are not happy with their appearance and usually people make fun of them for their appearance also many people are cruel and ignorant and don't really care about others feeling . What they can do is ask for help , from their parents , friends or teachers , they can go to therapy and they can get help .

Obstacles of suicide :
The reason why it hasn't been fix is because of social reasons many people don't get what they are going through and they think in a couple of days they will get over it but depression dosen't go away you need to help out . An obstacle to fixing suicide would be that victims of suicide sometimes don't want to get help . To conclude suicide can be harsh for many people but all of us can help fix this problem.
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