Pay for the park?

Exercise gets expensive


A group of people who have been going out of there comfort zone, and exercising outside instead of inside all of the time. A man named Ruben Lawarance has been running the exercise program at the park, and states "I could easily go back indoors, but that's what I wanted to get away from, I wanted to provide these programs…in a place people enjoy." -


From sunrise to sunset, exercisers fill the park. They huff and puff as trainers lead them through grueling workouts. Throughout the park, group fitness classes have become common. Visitors are likely to find numerous groups of people sweating through classes. Lately, however, other park users have been complaining about these classes. They say the classes are getting in the way of their enjoyment of the public space. Now, city officials say that if fitness trainers want to conduct classes in the park, they might have to pay up.


March 21, 2013


At Palisades Park in Santa Monica, California.


The main problem, people say, is that the classes are taking up too much space.

"It's starting to look like a gym out there," complained Johnny Gray. Gray is a former Olympic runner. He said he's often forced to navigate around exercise equipment as he runs.Park users list several additional complaints. They say that exercisers are blocking walkways and making too much noise. They are also concerned that classes are destroying the park's lush, green acres. They say that exercisers are killing the park's grass with their weights and yoga mats. They add that trees and benches are being damaged by exercise gadgets.

How does this affect us?

Society is always complaining about obesity and how america cant get active, and when we try to get active.. we get fined for little things and told we cant exercise where we want to. I think that people should be able to exercise where they desire to. If your getting fit and getting healthy, I say go for it.
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