Quality Online Course Initiative / (QOCI) / Blum Hall 100

What's this Course About?

Description: This fully online course covers transforming your traditional face to face (F2F) course to an online course using Quality Matters (QM) as a course design foundation. We'll discover the use of good online course design and the use of basic digital tools (in Blackboard, and elsewhere) to enhance your class for 21st century learning.

Prerequisites: Some familiarity with Blackboard or other LMSs

Books: No books are required, though there are many I recommend – ask me!

About Your Instructor

Text (#below)/email is the best way to communicate. I will also do individual Collaborate meeting, if desired.

Office Hours: 7:30- 3:30 M-F Office phone: 973-353-1556

I will get back to you within 24 hours, except for weekends.

Assignment turnaround is usually two weeks.

Course Objectives

  1. Examine and analyze various digital tools
  2. Create original products using digital tools, such as video and quizzes.
  3. Compose measurable course and module learning objectives
  4. Apply 21st century pedagogy best practices to course tool designs
  5. Demonstrate and apply some awareness of accessibility for digital course tools.

How You Are Graded

The course is graded at meets or exceeds expectations. This visual presented is for illustrative purposes that you may decide to apply in your courses.
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Course Requirements

1. Individual work and assignments. Each module, in general, is focused in one area, i.e., learning objectives, with a mini lecture and assignment(s) attached to it. You are expected to view the mini lecture and complete the assignment(s) connected to it. ALL assignments are to be completed. *For Your Consideration material is optional, however, highly recommended.

2. Timely Submissions. In order to have a successful online course, as well as to have progress towards your course being online, all work has an expected due date. Late submissions will result in points off, after two weeks assignments will not be accepted.

3. Good online attendance: You are expected to spend approximately 4-6 hours per week in the course. Good practice is to log in at least three times a week receive a high-level final grade.

4. Participation. You are expected to participate and contribute to the class by posting in discussion boards. For each discussion board you should reply to at least two other classmates.

5. Grades. You will be graded according to rubrics for each assignment. Mimicking a classroom environment helps to ensure compliance and progress in the class, as well as provide feedback.

Note: email me if you have questions or want to discuss anything; but check Blackboard if you need the homework assignments, class information, etc.

Course Content

The course is divided into eight different modules, with the first module, a non-learning module.

These are:

  • Start Here
  • Setting Up Your Course
  • Course & Module Learning Objectives
  • Create Course Structure
  • Deliver Instruction
  • Assess Student Learning
  • Consider Legal and Ethical Issues
  • Complete a Unit

Please view and refer to the expanded Course Schedule in Blackboard for specifics on these modules


· Technical skills for this course are minimal. Some familiarity with an LMS, and basic office documents (Word, PDF) are necessary. As this is an online class, a reliable internet connection is necessary.

· Academic integrity is essential, plagiarism will result in an "F" grade for the assignment, and possibly the course. Any question please review here: Rutger's Policy on Academic Integrity.

· All written responses in the course are expected to follow accepted Netiquette protocol. Read up here for a good overview of Netiquette.

· Computing Help Desk is located in Hill Hall 109. 973-353-5083.

Email: Newark Help Desk Website

Statement on Accommodations

Any student who feels that he or she may need an accommodation because of a disability (learning disability, attention deficit disorder, psychological, physical, etc.), please make an appointment to see me during office hours. Rutger's Disability Services

Our course uses Blackboard as a learning management system. Please see Blackboard's Accessibility statement here.

“We don't receive wisdom; we must discover it for ourselves after a journey that no one can take us or spare us.” --Marcel Proust

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