Friday Focus

December 18, 2015

What's the Best Book, New or Old, You Read This Year?

Regie Routman shared a New York Times article of the same title on Facebook. She suggested that this would make for a good activity teachers could adapt for their students.
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I agree! I also think it would make for a good professional activity. This type of activity models what we expect of students. It also creates a closer professional community at Howe. In addition, we will create a list of recommended books to consider reading over break.

I'll start:

The Prize by Dale Russakoff is a balanced and close observation of how Newark schools spent the $100 million gift from Mark Zuckerberg. That it made little to no impact on the daily lives of students is both sad and surprising. Russakoff doesn't pit charter schools vs. public schools, but rather shines a light on the realities of operating a large urban district plagued by poverty. Necessary reading for district leaders and for anyone looking for a better understanding of the complexities of public education today.

While I selected a school-related text, I encourage you to recommend any book you want, fiction or nonfiction. Below is a Google Form where you can enter your brief recommendation. For next week's Wednesday Wonderings, I will post all of your reviews. This is a voluntary activity. It should be fun!

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Tech Talk

Joe Wendolek is offering a half day workshop in January on how to use eduCanon. Lisa Sonnenberg uses this digital tool to insert questions into content-based videos for students to respond to while watching. Training is on a Saturday but probably worth your time if you are exploring the benefits of blended learning. Click here to register and for details.
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Grant Approved

We have confirmation from Incourage that Howe will receiving almost $2000 to purchase modern classroom equipment for Room 155. The title for our project is "Innovation Stations". The goal is to design what a classroom might look like in the near future, using elements of makerspaces, student-friendly furniture, and digital technology for a unique learning space. Parts of this project could serve as a model for what's possible in your classrooms.
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"There is student writing on every wall." - What Colleen Dickmann shared with us during her tour of Howe

Staff-Led FreshGrade/Digital Portfolio Training

Tuesday, Dec. 22nd, 4-5pm

221 8th Street North

Wisconsin Rapids, WI

Click here to post any questions you have about this digital tool and how to use it.