The Art of Blacksmiths

Why they are so important during the time pereiod 500BC

The definition of blacksmith

A person who heats up iron until it's maneuverable and hammers it to make a shape of some kind.

The things they make

They didn't just make weapons they also made jewelry and household items like kitchen supplies and ornaments. There most popular item to make was weapons. The types of weapons they made were swords, daggers, spears, and arrowheads. Sometimes they would get orders from the king to make torture devices and chains.

Items they made

The types of blacksmith

There are a few types of blacksmiths like the village blacksmith, the castle blacksmith, and the city blacksmith, but there is one that is extremely important. The castle blacksmith is the most important one of all because without a blacksmith they wouldn't have any weapons, armor, and in some cases doors. These blacksmith have to be so precise with there work that if there measurements are off by a millimeter, they will be banished by the king and be replaced in an heartbeat.

How they have changed

Blacksmiths haven't changed to much over the centuries. The only things that have changed are the tools they make and the tools they use. The normal blacksmith these days don't make a lot of swords or weapons now they are making all kinds of things. They have different and better tools than they had back in the mid evil times. For example these days we have welding systems so they can make bigger and better things. Now days blacksmiths have massive rooms unlike mid evil times when your trapped in a solid stone room with hardly any elbow room. Other than those things its still the same.