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Friday, March 18th

Odds and Ends

2nd trimester has ended. Report cards will be doing home on Wednesday. I'll send an email on Wednesday to remind you to look for it.

As we start the 3rd trimester the expectations for 4th grade go up again. Mistar is now open to kids for all subjects. Mi-star checks and missing work will be due every Friday.

No Excuse Tub - I will no longer be grading work that doesn't not have a name on it. I will put it in our no Excuse/no name tub. The student can grab it at any time, put their name on it and then I will grade it!

Redo work - Redo work will not be allowed, unless the kiddo and I talked previously. I really want the kid to put forth their best effort the FIRST time! If there is a misunderstanding in the concept then, absolutely, the kiddo will be able to fix it.

Credit Union - Our class will be running the credit union starting Thursday for the rest of the year. Credit Union dates are on our calendar.

MSTEP - The 4th grade window for MSTEP is May 9th - May 20th. Specific test times have not been determined yet. But its my hope that we can test in the morning. So please avoid any appointments for your kiddo during these weeks. We will be testing on Chrome books this year.

Mark your calendar!!! Our Henry Ford Rouge Tour/Greenfield Village trip is on the calendar for June 6th. The trip will cost $15 per kiddo. Families that have memberships will just have to pay for busing on this trip and give a copy of your membership card. This is another trip that has no limit to the number of parent volunteers. Parents will have to provide their own transportation to the Henry Ford - more details will come as we get closer!

Wish List-

  • Pencils - we are almost out of pencils - I think they are part beaver!?! :)
  • I'm looking for a tall lamp to add to the classroom - Let me know if you have a tall one hanging out in your house that you would love to get rid of!

Have a great weekend!



Please check the calendar on the website too!


me home

3.24 - Credit Union - Our class works!!

3.24 - Magnetism/Electricity Test

3.25-4.1: No School (Spring Break)


4.14 - Credit Union Day - our class works!

4.15 - 50 states/caps test

4.19 - Mrs Gray out for 1:1 Tech Training

4.27 - Wildcat Wednesday


5.5 - Credit Union - Our class works!!

5.9 - 5.20 - MSTEP window 4th grade

5.25 - Wildcat Wednesday

5. 26 - Credit Union - Our class works!!

5.30 - Memorial Day - No School

5.31 - Field Day


6.6 - Henry Ford Rouge Tour/Greenfield Village Field Trip

6.3 - Field Day - Rain Date

6.10 - Mini Society Market Day

6.16 - 3rd Trimester Ends & Last Day of School (1/2 day)




3.18: Celebration of Diversity 6p-9p @ Workman

3.25-4.1: No School (Spring Break)


Reading -

This week we have been focusing on cause and effect. We have also been talking a lot about strategies that we can use to answer questions. We will be continue to focus on that as well as story structure.


Final copies of our Persuasive Writing are getting turned in tomorrow! I'll be reading those over Spring Break!

Math -

We are still in our fraction unit! The kids are doing great with these tough skills. We talked today about how fortunate they are to be growing up today. We talked about what they should do if they have a question on homework. Obvious answer is to ask mom and dad. But if that doesn't work I suggested they turn to YouTube if they are in a pinch. Simply google the topic they are having a tough time with (example: converting mixed number to an improper fraction). Quiet a few videos pop up. I am still very much encouraging them to ask questions during the day, but this might help some who don't remember how to do a concept or skill when they get home. I am also encouraging them to bring their math notebook home. With fractions especially, we have been taking notes on how to do the new skills! It could be very useful with home work!

Science -

We are wrapping up our Magnetism/Electricity unit. The Test will be on Thursday. Kids will bring home a study guide on Tuesday.

Social Studies -

We are also wrapping up our west region. Kids will be presenting their posters next week. We will be having a 50 states/capitals test on Friday, April 15th!

DON'T FORGET! Free Passes for 4th Graders

Please click the links to these FREE opportunities to 4th graders!

National Parks Program - Beginning September 1st all kids in the fourth grade have access to their own Every Kid in a Park pass at This pass provides free access to national parks, national forests, national wildlife refuges, and more!

The Every Kid in a Park pass is good for the 2015-2016 school year, until August 31, 2016. Information on obtaining the pass is available by visiting