April Update

Welcome Spring!! (Finally!)

What a Fabulous March We Had!

I'm amazed by our little team daily! I am so impressed with all you have done to build your businesses and momentum.

This month our team had 19 Trunk Shows and $15 913.19 in sales!!! Congrats girls, you are making this happen!

Top in sales for March:

1. Angela $5675.10

2. Michelle $3380.60

3. Andrea $3282.29

4. Patti $2149.60

5. Kellie $803.60

We also had a couple promotions. Congratulations to Kellie for promoting to Lead Stylist (and congrats on Amy for getting started!) and Andrea for promoting to Star Stylist.

What is your career goal and how are you planning on getting there? As much as I would love to promote to director, right now my goal is to maintain star ;) I want to thank each and every one of your for being a part of me team and helping me reach my (our) goals! I appreciate you all so much! I CAN NOT wait to put on my sparkly Jimmy Choo's and celebrate team (insert team name here, still looking for suggestions! Angela suggested "Stellar Stella Sellers" ~thoughts?) at the Star Studded Soiree!

Also congratulations to Angela for hitting STELLAR SELLER for March! Enjoy your extra product credits girly!

How are we going to Celebrate Spring?

By introducing Summer of Course!

Here comes summer and the new summer mini catalog! Have you ordered yours? Sampled yet? What did you sample?

Here's my list:

Coral Cay Earrings and Necklace

Reverie Chandeliers

Sahara Pendant Necklace

Capri Cotton Wrap - Moroccan Tile

The Jetset Bag

The Switch - Aztec Coral

Cady Wrap Bracelet

City Slim Clutch

Do you follow Jessica or Blythe on Instagram? That's a great place to see some sneak peaks for the next season!

April Trunk Show Exlusives

Don't forget to promote (and increase your sales) with the April TSEO's and the Autism Collection!

Don't forget to explore your lounge where you have all the information you need to make your business a success!

Happy April Ladies and keep up the fantastic work!

Did you see this in the new Mini???

Here is the link for the Summer mini to share digitally with your customers!


Who's excited for this??

NEW Sample Discount Coupon! Earn $500 in samples for only $99 when you sell $2,000 retail, cumulatively over each seasonal quarter.

This is in addition to your existing product credit offers and discount programs:

  • $100 in Product Credits through the Consistency Bonus by selling $500 retail each month in a seasonal quarter.
  • $100 in Product Credits for EACH month that you sell over $5,000 retail through the Stellar Seller Bonus (that’s $300 per quarter if you sell over $5,000 each month).
  • 50% off of your samples by selling or personally purchasing (at your 25% discount) $250 retail (163 PCV), cumulatively over each seasonal quarter.

NEW Sample Discount Program - Details You Need To Know

  • Your Earning Period begins on April 1st. Sell $2,000 retail between April 1st – June 30th to earn your sample discount bundle for the Fall 2014 Season. See the chart in the FAQ section to see the dates for each season.
  • As always, you will be allowed to choose any product or accessories during the sample period (except those that may have been excluded due to inventory issues).
  • You will be able to order more than $500 in your order cart and apply any other product credits or discounts.
  • On the items to which you apply your $500 of product for $99 coupon, it is important to note that at this time, we cannot accept returns, unless the item arrived damaged.
  • Coming soon, we will have a tracker in the Stylist Lounge so you can track your progress as you sell through the season.
  • Please stay tuned for more details about the program and execution in the coming weeks.

Welcome to the new ladies on our team!