S9 Faculty Update

April 4-8

S9 Dates to Remember

  • April 5 - Anti-Bullying presentation at SHS
  • April 6 - STEM presentation during lunch (participating classes were notified)
  • April 15 - PD 1/2 Day and E-Learning Day
  • April 19 - ACT + Writing (Ninth Grade E-Learning Day)
  • April 28 - Take Your Child to Work Day
  • April 29 - Walk-a-thon

News and Notes

  • Thanks to each of you that participated in Instructional Rounds this school year. Feedback about our focus is detailed below.
  • We planned to meet on March 31 to discuss your school improvement ideas. Since the meeting was postponed, please send any other ideas you'd like to discuss. The meeting has not yet been rescheduled but we will let you know as soon as possible.
  • During our April PD 1/2 day, Jornea Erwin, regional Technology in Motion presenter will provide training in Google Extensions. Our PD Planning Committee is taking suggestions regarding what you'd like to learn about Google Extensions. Mrs. Erwin will develop her training agenda based on our needs and wishes.

Instructional Rounds

The work you've all done toward our focus of practice this year is appreciated. I had conversations with participants from our rounds and heard many positive comments about your instruction. We are excited about the positive trends we continue to see in classrooms. Throughout the process, one area of instruction consistently became part of the conversation. That area is the use of collaborative groups. Specifically, participants questioned the purpose of groups and the activities assigned. In a future meeting, I plan to provide more detail and explanation regarding this discovery.

Another interesting development played out during our rounds this year. Student technology use was certainly evident. However, the need of technology and/or relevance to the lesson was at times in question. I hope we can discuss this soon and share thoughts and ideas to develop a general guideline for student use of technology. A rule of thumb for now should be to use it only when it enhances student learning.