Connective Sentence Patterns

Made By: Karly, Emily, Kyle, Cristian, and Eryn

What Are Connective Sentences and Why Do We Use Them?

Connective sentences are also known as compound sentences. Connective Sentences connect two or more ideas together. We use connective sentences to lengthen our sentences so when the reader reads your writing it doesn't sound short and choppy.

How Do Connective Sentences Work and How Do You Make Them?

There are two ways to make a connective sentence either using commas, or heavy connective sentences. In connective sentences the commas are used differently than in normal sentences, instead of connecting the two (or more) ideas, they separate them. For this pattern, the commas and connectors are always used in pairs.

How To Use Connective Sentences

Incorrect Use:

“I went to San Francisco and, South Dakota .”

“Kylie likes guinea pigs but she likes hamsters, more.”

“Manny either wants vanilla or, chocolate ice cream.”

“Its my birthday in 12, days

Correct Use:

“I ran the 5k with Igor, and Disondofa.”

“Ruby either likes cotton candy, or pizza.

“Mason likes popcorn, and soda.”

“I like ice cream, but I like chocolate cake more.”

Let's See What You Know!

You and your team will each be given one whiteboard. Write down the connecting word for each of the following sentences. Each answer you get correct, you earn a point for your team. For each round you and your team can win 4 points if everyone in your team gets it correct. The team with the most points wins. The winning team will each receive 2 paws.

Note that if you go ahead and your answer is correct your team will not be credited for it.
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