Movie and Song Translator

By: Rosa Fleischmann


A movie translator is a person whom converts a movie from one language to another. It doesnt nessarily have to be English to another laguage, it can also be Spanish to English or English to Spanish. The translator takes the written script and translates it into the language the production needs.


You get to allow people from different countries and cultures to enjoy thet same movies we see in English.


To become a movie translator you should take forgein language courses, English writing classes, and spend some time in other countries that you are interested in. Most jobs require a Bachlor's Degree and some require you to major in a forgein language. Some universities you can go to are Pennsylvania State University, University of Wisconsin, and Yeshiva University.

Entry Level Pay Ranges from $11.19 to $24.57 an Hour and $23,275 to $51,106 a Year


Live While We're Young - One Direction (Spanish Version)