States and Capitals in the Southwest Region

  • Texas - Austin
  • New Mexico - Santa Fe
  • Arizona - Phoenix
  • Nevada - Carson City
  • Oklahoma - Oklahoma City


In the summer this region is HOT and DRY. It is the driest region in the US, but has water stored underground in the Ogallala aquifer. It is also the sunniest region in the US.


  • The Alamo - the Alamo is a fort in San Antonio Texas
  • Rocky Mountains - enters Nevada and Arizona
  • Grand Canyon - 277 miles (446 km) long 8 miles (29 km) wide and more than a mile (6,000 feet / 1,800 meters) deep
  • Death Valley - about 140 miles long,

Rivers and Lakes

  • Colorado River - borders Nevada, runs through the northwest part of Arizona
  • Lake Tahoe - a giant lake sorrounded by mountains
  • Rio Grande River- it borders the bottom of Texas. It is a important boundry between Texas and Mexico.

If I were to move there I would . . .

If I were to move to Nevada I would have to change my outfit to shorts and a t-shirt every day in the summer, fall and spring. In the winter I'd probably wear a winter jacket and sweats. For things to do in the winter I'd go skiing in Lake Tahoe. In the summer I'd go rafting down the Colorado River .

How do people use the Natural Resources in the Southwest . . .

First, how do people use peppers!!! Peppers are put on tacos, burritos and quesdillas. Second, Wheat. Wheat is used for many things, some of those things are bread, tortillas and burritos.third, corn!!! her are some things you can make with corn fry bread, tortillas and salsa.

How Does The Location of This Region Affect the Life Style and Population

If you lived in The southwest your house would probably be made of sand, straw and clay. That's because it's sunny and there's very little water so you won't find much wood or brick houses. There's not very many people in the southwest. By 2000 there was 34,027,666 people in the southwest. Also you probably won't work in a cherry bog, you'll probably work on a farm. Instead of snow boarding as a hobby you'll probably skate boarding.
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