The Asteroids!!

PBL by: Jessica Lee

Houston, We Have A Problem!

Rumors have been going around Earth. People have been saying that asteroids might be around our mother Earth, but we have no way of finding them. We need help!

Your Question, ANSWERED!

I have advised a plan! One where we use what we have already to know more!

We send space-ships, shuttles, and satellites out to space, so we can know more about outer space right? Why don’t we let them look around earth too. They go around earth looking at what's out there around us, why don't they spot asteroids too? Yes I do know that some might do, but it's another thought in case some don't. Also why not learn more about the natural area of where it is, and then using telescopes and estimating where most are around Earth. And finding out where the range of some asteroids are.

More About Asteroids.

Asteroids are small rocky bodies that orbit the sum similar how planets do. There are a large number of them. They are nearly 600 miles ( 1,000 kilometers ) across! There is a lot in our solar system in the asteroid belt.

This website has a lot of information on asteroids!


NEO's or near earth objects, are asteroids and comets that have been nudged closer to planets because of the gravitational pull. They are also around Earth and Earth's neighbors, like Venus and Mars for example.