The war of 1812

By Jamie Daughters

What were some causes of the war?

One big cause of the war was impressment. Impressment is the kidnapping of American sailors by the British. When American sailors were trying to trade across sea to European countries, British were also looking for runaway British sailors. In the process, they ended up taking American sailors instead of the British sailors they were looking for. This angered Thomas Jefferson and the rest of America. It Encouraged Jefferson to create the Embargo act. The Embargo act made America's economy go downhill.

Another great cause of the war was Americans wanting more land. Britain owned all of the land west of where America was, but they pushed out onto the land anyways. Native Americans were angered by the Americans kicking them out of the land they were living in so they allied with British to take back ´their´ land. Soon enough Americans were having trouble with both Britain and Native Americans.

War Hawks were one of the biggest cause of the war. War hawks were men who supported and pushed for the war of 1812. Henry Clay was one of the war hawks and he tried to help America with the 'American System' but despite his good intentions, it never went into effect.

Dolly Madison

Dolly Parton is famously known for saving an also famous painting from the white house before the building was engulfed in flames. As the British were marching to burn the white house and the capitol down, Dolly Madison had servants take down a large painting of George Washington before the British had reached the building. Dolly Madison and James Madison were the last people to leave the white house that day before it was burnt to a crisp.

What were Effects of the war of 1812?

One effect was that the war weekend the Native's resistance. The American's had beat the Native's and force them out of the land they were living in so the natives began to stop resisting.

Another effect is that the U.S. manufacturing grew. They could finally earn money more easily and didn't have such a bad economy. people started making more products but didn't have enough demand because they couldn't trade with and European countries.

After the war, the American's had finally won something. this had boosted their patriotism and people became more loyal to their country. many different countries recognized America's patriotism and it made them proud.