Link and Learn Friday

Friday February 14


Using technology like laptops and IPAD's in the classroom are still fairly new and require a bit of extra planning to figure out the best ways to use them with students (you know in all that spare time you have!). This was the purpose for creating this weekly Smore edition, to help our teachers with ideas for integrating different technologies, with a little 'Just for fun' thrown in at the end.

This week my inspiration for content was an article reported in our local newspaper The Norwich Bulletin, the featured classroom uses tablets for reading and spelling exercises. While the app she uses for the spelling (see below) is limited to tablets. You could achieve the same results for the reading projects with a laptop camera and microphone.

Read the article here:


Kids Doodle - FREE, IPAD and Iphone. A colorful drawing program that records your actions in a movie format for playback. If you read the article listed above, this teacher used it in a very innovative way for practicing spelling words with a 'sensory' component. The app includes mutiple color and brush formatting options.

Just for Fun

ETSY Blog - Etsy is not just a marketplace for budding entrepreneurs and crafty artists. It's also a community of ideas and inspiration.

Their curated blog includes inspiring stories like Mom's who've quit their jobs and now support their family on their Etsy income. Or the blog may include new shops and trends for items you would have never found among the vast inventory listed at the site. We didn't leave the guys out on this one, there's even an Etsy Dudes category!

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