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Ian Renner Cape Town: Staying Healthy While Eating Out

It seems like a new restaurant is popping up every week. Although it can be hard to eat healthy and still try all the new options for eating out, it is possible and easy if you follow some simple tips.

1. Ask about how the meal is prepared.

The ingredients used to make a meal can have a huge impact if it fits with your particular lifestyle choices. Even food marked on a restaurant’s “heathy options” list might still be cooked in high-fat oils or have dressings that are full or sugar and fat. Ask your server what goes into preparing the dish so you can decide if all the parts of the meal fit in with your nutrition goals.

2. Customize your meal.

Don’t be afraid to ask the server if certain parts of a dish can be changed or left out if you are trying to stick to a diet or avoiding certain foods. For example, with low carb diets becoming more popular many restaurants will remove or replace a bun or bread with a low- carb option for free.

3. Split things up.

Ask your server to box up half your entrée before it ever comes to the table or split your meal with someone you are eating with so you avoid overeating. Many people have been taught since they were young to finish everything on their plate but a lot of restaurants have portions that are too large. If you start with a smaller portion, you will be less likely to overeat.

Eating out while trying to live a healthy lifestyle can be difficult, especially living in a big city. Ian Renner, originally from Cape Town, has found some ways to still eat well and enjoy the delicious food and fun atmosphere of many new and emerging restaurants in the Los Angeles area where he lives.