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Fluency Passages in itslearning

Looking to have students practice fluency passage at home? Worried that they don't have someone who can model fluency for them? Look no further! A few little elves have been working hard for YOU and have created videos of fluency passages being read outloud just for you and your kiddos!

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Where Can I Find These? How Can I Use Them?

  • These passages are in the Chestatee Staff Information course on itslearning.They are sorted by levels, and have 4 passages per level in each folder.
  • Feel free to COPY these to your course in itslearning.
  • You could do these for homework, practice in centers, or however you think they will benefit your kids!
  • Let kids use these as an independent tool to practice fluency. (I do, We do, You Do). They can listen the first time, read along with it the second time, and then turn down the volume the third time and read to themselves.

If you need help copying these to your course let me know and I am happy to come and help you!

Want to Build Parent Capacity With Practicing Fluency? Share This Great Video from our PIC, Meg!

How to Practice Fluency Passages at Home

Let me know how I can help! -- Carolyn

Just Because it is Funny....

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