Neil Armstrong's Life

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Neil Armstrongs Life

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Learn more about the first man on the moon! this will teach you more about Neil Armstrong and his life.


Neil Armstrong was born August 5, 1930 just after midnight, in an Ohio Farmhouse owned by his grandparents. He was the oldest child in his family out his 2 siblings, he had a younger sister named June and a younger named Dean.


Neil was his mothers pet she once said that he was a 'pleasure to raise' and Neil was a lot like his mother. Calm, Serious, And Determined. Neil never had a problem making friends but his brother was less shy and more fun-loving.Neil's mother stayed home caring for the children and taught Sunday school, and Neil's father worked for the Ohio state government. Neil's family had to move so many times they moved 16 times before Neil was 13! and then finally they settled in a little Ohio town of Wapakoneta. In the 1930's planes were still thought unusual, but exciting. Neil's father took Neil on the Tin Goose, which was actually made of a thick shell of Aluminum. It reached 100 mph. Neil enjoyed every single second of the ride, While Neil's Father was terrified. Neil also loved building model planes on of balsa wood, tissue paper, and wire, and they were powered by wound up rubber bands. He thought it was exciting to watch one of his older planes crash into the driveway. Neil belonged to a Boy Scout Troop for many years and even became an Eagle Scout. It was the time of World War II and the other scouts were making models of enemy planes. No warplanes ever came to Ohio, but if one did Neil would've identified it right away. Neil read airplane magazines and drew detailed sketches of his favorites. Learning about planes is not the same as learning to fly them. Which is what Neil wanted to do most of all.

Teenager Age

Neil was so determined to fly that he got part-time jobs to pay for flight school. He had a job at the cemetery mowing the lawn, he baked doughnuts at a doughnut shop more 1,300 per night. All the money he earned went into his flight lessons, when Neil got to the age of 15 He had a flight license, but wasn't old enough to drive for 1 1/2 years. At his school he wasn't a top student but was an above average, and was in a jazz band called the Mississippi Moonshiners and he played the Baritone Horn. When he was in high school his favorite subjects were math and science. He wanted to go to college and learn more about how planes flew. To pay for college he joined the navy, and this was fine with Neil because now he would get to fly planes. When he started College he was 17, and this was his first time away from his family. He got decent grades like in his High School Times. After 2 years at Purdue (the college) he had 3 years in naval service, and this is when he became an airman. He learned to fly small 1 engined fighter planes. At Pensacola the training started out with short flights called hops. He graduated and earned his wings pin from his training in flight training in August 1950. The Squadron Neil was in flew Jets off the giant USS Essex, and Neil's job was to fly low and close to the ground, and flew 78 Missions.

Adult age

He was 22 and was at Purdue a second time and older than most students. For the first time in his life fell in love with a girl named Janet Sharon, an 18 year old freshman at Purdue. Neil was quiet unlike Janet who loved being near people. She and Neil got married in 1956. Neil wanted to be an experimental pilot, and he wouldn't just get to fly them he would also be able to plan and build better planes. The Edwards Air Force Base in the Mojave Desert in California, which meant they had to move to California, which meant Janet had to move to California and leave Purdue without finishing her degree. At the EAFB one of the planes he flew was the X-15 and it was rocket propelled. The X-15 could go 4,000 mph (faster that the fastest since 1976 plane which is the Lockheed SR-71 Blackbird at 2,193.2mph) and reach altitudes of 207,500ft aka 50 miles which is considered the START of deep space. He had a kid in 1957 named Eric but his nickname was Rick, then 2 years later they had a daughter named Karen, but Neil's nickname for her was Muffie. In the summer of 1961 Muffie fell down and hit her head on a sidewalk. Afterwards her eyes became crossed and she tripped very often. They took her to the doctor and they told them she had cancer and a tumor deep in her brain. She died right after chirstmas.

When he was an Astronaut

A week after Muffie's death Neil went back to test piloting planes the decided he wanted to be an Astronaut. They moved to El Lago, Texas near Houston it had a swimming pool in the backyard like all other houses, and air conditioning. His first time in space was the Gemini 8 and he was the pilot to dock another satellite allready in space. It started spinning and crashed and Neil thought it was his fault, but it was NASA's fault because of a faulty thruster. Neil was the commander of the Apollo 11 (his second space mission) along with 2 other Astronauts, Buzz Aldrin and Michael Collins. They would be in a Saturn V to the moon. They were in Florida when they took off using a 3 engine rocket around July 20, they landed on the moon. He then became the first man to walk on the moon. He returned to Earth in the ocean and the navy took them back home. He then a peaceful life with his family and died after a while.


He died on August 25, 2012 in Cincinnati, OH at the age of 82.

Problems through life

Well when he was an adult Muffie died on Christmas, He had to move from his neighborhood to Florida leaving behind all his freinds (hard to tell if good or bad),


I got all the info from the book Who Was Neil Armstrong? and got the pictures from google images, the links lead to more information on Neil Armstrong.
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