3c: Student Engagement

Rubric for Framework for Teaching and Learning

4=highly effective


2=minimally effective


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Critical Attributes

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Click Here for Engaging All Learners

This document is based on a presentation by Dr. Kevin Feldman with practical ideas about how to engage all learners and ensure academic literacy.

Active Engagement Strategies

Based on the book, Total Participation Techniques: Making Every Student An Active Learner, by Himmele & Himmele

Structuring Active Learning

Structuring Active Learning: Tools for Your Engagement Toolkit is based on work by Archer, Feldman, Kinsella and again is short and practical for teachers to use to instantly increase student engagement in learning.

Click Here for Lesson Observation Tool

This is a lesson observation tool looking for structured student engagement that teachers can use to self-assess, peer-assess or administrators can use to review lessons for student engagement strategies.

Planning Questions to Enhance Student Engagement

Template for teachers to use when planning to consider all aspects of student engagement in learning. From Marzano labs.

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