Kimberley Anne Gorelik Moran

All Paths Lead Someplace

Mother, Wife, Friend, Teacher, Writer, Speaker, Problem Solver, Organizer, Sister, Aunt

I define myself in so many different ways depending on so many different situations. I am never in the same mindset, but I am always me. It's just that lots of people don't know all the parts inside me.

Passion and Energy

The first thing people always tell me is that I have so much energy. I am driven to find information and make it work for me or for others. I have so much passion and energy that sometimes I have to pull the reins in and say "Whoa!"

Mother to Two Gifted Children

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Helping Teachers Find their Writer Selves

I work hard to help teachers find ways of writing and getting published. I believe fiercely that teachers should be treated as professionals and that if they share more this respect will come. I hold workshops to encourage teachers to write daily and try to get published.