by Colton Ott


Never give up at anything even if someone tells you "you can't do it" Jonah was fighting a bear with only a dull, old, rusty knife. He thought he was going to get killed, but he didn't. Abacuk Prickett was out to get Jonah they didn't stop trying to stop him from making Henry Hudson put Jonah in the stocks


John Hudson's face felt oddly stiff.When he raised his hand to touch it he felt craters and crooked scar lines. One seemed to be slightly oozing blood. Henry Hudson said didn't really didn't care for John until the he got put in the stocks by Prickett. Prickett Despised him he wished he could through him overboard and let the him droned to the bottom of the freezing sea.

Point of view

The point of view is third person limited. Jonah thought that he was going to starve to death. When he was getting lowered into the shallop going towards the icy water. Katherine mouthed "should I jump."


Doesn't Henry Hudson have a lot of food on the ship?" asked Jonah It tells about Jonah, and how he is always hungry.

figurative language

The bear was like a monster when he Jonah stab it with the dull, old, rusty knife that he got from staffe at the cabin. It shows that the bear was very mad at Jonah it was like it wanted to kill him, but instead of the bear killing him Jonah killed the bear.