Digital Citizenship Project

Harley S Period 5

7 Rules You Must Know Before Going On Any Computer Games, Websites, etc.


Rule 1: When playing anything on the computer make sure that you are should be nice like the sayings, "if you don't have anything nice to say, don't say it at all" and "treat people the way you want to be treated." So please be kind to others.

Information Privacy

Rule 2: When your filling out anything make sure and think twice before you put any of your personal information on anything. Before you post anything of friends, family, etc. make sure that it is okay with them so you don't any relationship with this person.

Social Networking

Rule 3: When someone you don't know tries to friend you or even email you, you should probably deny unless you know that they are one of your friends, friend and you've sort of met them but you should still be careful what you post, say online, do, etc.

Online Safety

Rule 4: Keep your identity a secret, make sure not to tell anyone, anything about your personal information even your closet friends only your parents should know. And your should also know that everything you do is not safe.


Rule 5: If you have gotten a rude text, email, or even comment you should first not talk back, and report the user or block them, then go and tell a parent but if its someone you know from like school, a restaurant and they some how found you, or an old friend tell them that, that hurt you. But if from school tell an adult.


Rule 6: Never ever, take anyone's work if you know that you would never write stuff like or copy&paste anything with big words you don't even know, because your teacher gets to know how you write overtime or has seen that same saying or writing somewhere on the internet so always give credit to the person or author. We call this Plagiarism


Rule 7: When someone copyrights, you should ask the person who made it for permission and not steal it because you could go to court and get sued and be forced to pay them. But there is also "Fair Use" this is when someone makes a small change to a picture or even a parody of a song that everyone is aloud to do. You need permission when it comes to copyright

What is Digital Citizenship?

Digital Citzenship

Digital Citizenship is all of the rules you heard and hopeful learned about, but there are many other rules but in my opinion these are the most important because, these 7 rules are the most common on the internet. And its important to remember this rules cause on day they will be really useful.