Who Killed My Daughter?


Title: Who Killed My Daughter?

Author: Lois Duncan

Genre: Nonfiction


Eighteen year-old Kaitlyn Arquette was murdered on the night of Sunday, July 16, 1989. Kaitlyn was coming home from a friend Susan’s house. While some say she was chased by drunken Mexicans and called a random shooting, it might as well just be a planned murder. The Arquette family, especially Kaitlyn’s mother, Lois, had searched for answers for more than two years. With the help of psychics, extraordinary information that Kaitlyn’s family never knew about gradually came alive. She was involved with a lot more than she should’ve been. A young, honor student like her, risked her life for a couple of criminals.


Someone who likes mysteries and suspense would like this book. It's exactly like a mystery murder, leaving you wondering who.