Morgan Tenpenny

5th grader Konrade

About Me

I Morgan Tenpenny like to do a lot of different stuff, but my favorite thing to do is soccer! I just love to play it. I play for Sporting Kaw Valley competitive soccer league. I love my teammates and my coach to but I especially love that my parents let me do it!

A little more about me

I also love to swim and play with my friends! My two favorite seasons are Winter and Summer! I like Winter because I get to play in the snow and on Christmas I get to go to my grandma's house and see all my family.[ I mostly just come for the food:).] Although I also love to see all of my dad's side of the family.[And his side is huge.] I love summer because I love to swim in my my grandma's pool, and you can't swim in the Winter. I also love summer because it's nice and warm outside so I can play with my friends outside.

I Believe...