Sneak Peek

2T Edison School * September 28, 2015 * Mrs. Tallman

2T Community

This week the class will be working on following directions the first time they are given. Transitions in class have been a challenge and we will focus on following directions to be ready to learn more efficiently, in order to save time and facilitate learning in Room 5.

Put On Your Thinking Cap

This year we will be completing a "Put On Your Thinking Cap" during our Math lessons once a chapter. Students will work to solve multistep problems in order to apply concepts learned during a math chapter. To inspire students to think and work hard, I thought it would be fun if each child brought in a special thinking cap from home! Please have your child bring in a special hat or cap by Tuesday for students to keep in class for the year!

Class Trip to Camp Creek Run

Our class will be visiting Camp Creek Run on Friday, October 23! Please return your permission slip. We will be having a lottery for chaperones and I will notify chaperones by email after October 12th. Thank you to our wonderful PTA for funding this trip!


The students of 2T are becoming experts in their school environment. They have been working hard to learn about our Daily 5 routines and Café Menu strategies. As a result of their efforts, we will begin Journeys this week! We will stretch our first unit of Journeys over two weeks to allow us to revisit our routines and expectations to ensure success throughout the school year.

Journeys is our comprehensive language arts and literacy curriculum which encompasses reading strategies, phonics, vocabulary, grammar, spelling and high frequency words. It works in collaboration with the Daily 5 and The CAFÉ. Each week, we will focus on a theme and read realistic fiction and informational, nonfiction texts. I will inform you of the specific skills and strategies and will send home the Family Connection each week. The Family Connection directly corresponds to the skills and strategies students will be working with during the week. It also suggests fun activities you can do with your child to support their learning.

This week, we will begin to explore the theme Neighborhoods. Through our reading we will visit neighborhoods both imaginary and real, filled with friends to meet. We will begin by reading about Henry’s move into a new neighborhood. As we follow his search for a pet in the realistic fiction selection, Henry and Mudge, we will think about and discuss the question “Why is the order of events in a story important?”

Target Vocabulary: curly, straight, floppy, drooled, weighed, stood, collars, row

Phonics Skills: Words with short a (can); words with short i (dig)

Grammar: Subjects

Comprehension Skill: Sequence of events – tell the order in which things happen

Writing Focus:

As the students continue to write stories from their personal memories, they will learn different writer’s crafts to help enrich their stories. The events in a story are written in order and writers use transitional words to help the reader understand the progression and timing of the story. Through modeling the students will observe the use of transitional words and have an opportunity to use them. The students will also begin to learn about how best to revise and take charge of their own writing.


Lesson 4: (2nd day)

Order 3 digit numbers.

Identify the greatest number and the least number.

Identify number patterns.

Put On Your Thinking Cap

Problem Solving Activity

Identify and complete number patterns.

Chapter 1 Wrap Up

Review the vocabulary, concepts, and skills from Chapter One Place Value.

Chapter 1 Assessment (Thursday)

Chapter 2: Chapter Opener

Chapter 2 is about adding 3 digit numbers with and without regrouping.

Social Studies:

Students will learn to use symbols and find locations on a map. They will draw a map to show places and routes. We will learn to locate communities, states, the US and selected countries on maps and globes. We will then compare cities, suburbs and rural farming areas. We will learn to identify ways people and places change and compare photographs of a place taken at different times.

Mark Your Calendars:

September 30th-Library Begins!

October 6th- School Picture Day

October 6th-8th- Book Fair Open

October 7th- Book Fair Shopping in class

October 13th- PTA 7:00


Send a Note to Let Me Know:

Please send in a note or email to notify me if your child is leaving school early or coming to school late. I can order lunch for students arriving late to class and I will be better able to prepare homework and have students packed and ready to leave early without interrupting the class. Thanks!

• Please have your child put their name and number on all assignments.

*It is still very hot in our classroom, please help your child to dress appropriately and to bring a water bottle each day!