BEHS Preschool

Birds, Birds, BIRDS!

This Is What We Will Be Doing This Week.

This week the children will be learning about birds. We will have the children bring in some things from home and teach them how to make bird feeders, paper birds, and eggs. We will also be going to the park, so there will be a permission slip sent home and will be due within the next few classes. When we go we are going to showing the kids all kinds of birds and their colors. They will have alot of fun going out and looking at the many different birds and we will be having them count how many different birds they see. You child will be sent home with a few different things after we finish out birds theme. They will be sent home with paper birds, little nests and eggs, and a whole new learning experience. Your Child Can Bring (if possible, or if they want their own materials)...pine cone(s), paper towel roll, peanut butter, nuts and rasins. We will supply the rest :)

How We Will Incorperate The Curriculum


Math- using math we will be going to the park and having the children count how many different birds they see and having them say the colors of the different birds. this will teach them counting and colors. Then we will be having a egg hunt in the classroom having them count how many eggs they have found. 


Science- when we be having them watch eggs being hatched and how they become adult birds, this will be teaching them about the bird life cycle. we will also be making bird feeders teaching the children what they eat.

Social Studies

Social studies- learning about the birds going down south and why is a great easy way to learn about the brids and where they go.

Field Trip!

Along with the park, we will take a trip to the Barnes Narture Center to be able to interact with birds and learn new information given by the workers. It will be an enriching experience to get that close to real birds and bird eggs. This field trip will cost each child $9. Information on the activity at the nature center can be found at:


If there are any questions comments or concerns about anything included with the subject or activities, our contact information is : Address: Bristol Eastern High School 632 King St. Bristol CT. Phone: (860) 584-7876 ext 129.