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September 7th - 11th, 2015

Here's what we will be learning this week....

Phonics - Short u (week 5)

ELACC1RF3a-f - Applies Phonics and Word Analysis Skills to Decode Unfamiliar Words

Red Words - they, I, at, be, this, have

ELACC1RF3G - Reads Grade Appropriate Irregularly Spelled Words

Reading - Todd’s Box - short u stories

ELACC1SL1-ELACCASL6 - Participates in Conversations about Text by Asking and Answering Questions

Writing - A Sequenced Story about Nature Walk (Recount 2 or more sequenced events, tell what happened, closure)

ELACCW1-ELACCW18 - Use Steps in the Writing Process to Produce Clear and Coherent Writing

ELACC1L1A,K - Writes Legibly in Everyday Work

ELA - Use common and proper nouns.

ELACC11L1 - B-F, J - Identifies and uses parts of speech.

Math - Use strategies to solve addition and subtraction problems.

MCC1.OA.5-6 - Uses strategies to add and subtract within 20.

Science - Magnets

S1P2 a,b,c - identify the properties of magnets.

Demonstrating Excellence in Our Classroom!

Ava Nagle

Naya Boire

Isabella Gonzalez

Kelsey Hutchins

Bella Chaffin

Baileigh Freeman

Braedon Thames

Will O'Neal

Braydon Schmitt

Mrs. Lisa Anander

First Grade Team Leader

Willis Road Elementary

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This Week's Cowhand is....

Jax Bowles

Jax may bring a show and tell item on Friday to share with the class!

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Baileigh and Bella Have Fun Learning about Tally Marks!

Upcoming Events

Wednesday, September 9th Blue Day (Wear Blue to Support Kindergarten)

Friday, September 11th - Fall Picture Day

Runs for Fund Turn in Dates This Week are TUESDAY (8TH) AND FRIDAY (11TH)

Don't forget to turn in those pledges!

Last year we bought 4 tablets for our classroom!