All About Me

By: Grace Hess

Intro to me, Grace Anne Hess

I was born on a warm summer day in the great city of Long Beach, California. I have a great family that consists of a younger sister, Emma (although she's only 9, she acts like she's 16), an older brother, Connor (He's at The University of Utah right now, but he calls so much he might as well be here.), and two dogs, Daisy (our own little Hell Hound)' and Jaximus (an angel with exceptions). My parents met at Poly Highschool in Long Beach. Because of where I am from, I have always been obsessed with the beach and all the ocean contains. I hope to one day travel the world, live in London with Aiswari, become a marine biologist, get married, and most important of all, be happy. I have a passion for school and cooking. My hobbies include: fixing things, swimming, working with my dad, learning new things, and sleeping. I'm a Mormon, a feminist, and a human. (I have trouble remembering the last one sometimes.)
My Favorite Animal: The Beliga Whale

I have loved Beluga whales since my first trip to Sea World. Beluga whales are the reason why I want to be a marine biologist when I'm older.


I would have put Dan on here, but he isn't necessarily school appropriate. BUT, that doesn't mean that he isn't a big part of my life. Danisnotonfire is a YouTuber that I find to be very relatable. I basically watch every video that he puts on YouTube 10 minutes after its posted. He is hilarious, relatable, and basically perfect. I couldn't put his video on here because he uses foul language, but I recommend his channel to anyone who doesn't mind the language.

My Birthday!!!

Wednesday, June 29th, 12am

2105 Fairmont Drive

Flower Mound, TX

This date is my birthday, I turn 15 this year.