News with a Story

by:Lola Falese

The Northridge Earthquake

“Be prepared for anything ” I interviewed my Dad(Philip Falese). He was in the Northridge earthquake. The earthquake was on January 17, 1994. The magnitude was a 6.7 earthquake and was struck in the San Fernando Valley.

Did you know, that San Fernando Valley is part of Los Angeles county? During the earthquake my dad was in Los Angeles, in his wooden apartment. They weren’t any damages that happen to him or his building, only furniture damage. In fact, this earthquake happened at 4:30 am. Since it was in the morning my dad was inside, but he was up and using the restroom during the earthquake.

Next , my dad immediately went under the bathroom’s door arch for safety. That is one of the reason why he wasn’t injured. In addition, During an earthquake you should feel vibration. He could not only feel vibration but also sudden jolts. He mentally felt scared and tired.

Lastly, here are some tips from my dad. One of his tips are to store emergency food because a lot of the roads were close because of damages. Another tips is to have a flash light. It will get dark.