Virtual Worlds MOOC 2021

September 1- 30, 2021 for Educators Worldwide

How to Navigate Virtual Worlds MOOC

The eighth annual Second Life MOOC (renamed the Virtual World MOOC in 2018) started in 2014. VWMOOC21 will take place from September 1-30, 2021 on Moodle for Teachers

The theme of the current MOOC is “Connecting in Virtual Worlds. Communities of Practice” There is a plethora of communities in virtual worlds promoting education and learning through connecting online via web technologies such as Second Life.

The MOOC focuses on connecting online for collaborative learning and teaching around the world through virtual worlds like Second Life, Digiworldz, Kitely, Minecraft, or OpenSim.

The MOOC and the live online classes are organized and coordinated by Dr. Nellie Deutsch, Dr. Doris Molero, Dr. Valerie Hill, and Ann Nowak. You may contact the organizers for further information and support.

The live presentations (click to access)

Bios of the presenters are available to download, view, and to print out

VWMOOC21 is for educators, schools, and public and private businesses that wish to provide training in virtual worlds. Weekly badges and a final certificate of completion will be available for free.

There are 2 learning platforms: Moodle for Teachers and VMMOOC Headquarters

We also have an exhibition with different presentations where participants will be able to review the slides and get resources from each one of the presenters.

You will get ongoing support from the organizers of the MOOC for each week.

Participants will be able to ask questions in advance and throughout the MOOC in Moodle for Teachers (M4T) VWMOOC21 MOOC area. The live online classes will be recorded for future reference, so don't worry if you cannot attend or if you'd like to review the content.

The workload for the MOOC includes participating or viewing the recordings of the live session and developing a reflective artifact in the form of video that you will add to a curation tools such as Padlet wall, Wakelet, Lino, Miro, or Flipgrid to sustain the information relevant to your needs and your learning experiences.

Weekly Topics

✅ Getting acquainted with Second Life and Virtual Worlds

✅ Resources and skills required for learning

✅ Resources and skills required for teachers

✅ Summary and reflections

✅ Experience Life in Virtual Worlds

✅ Introduction to the Learning communities in SL and other virtual worlds.

✅ Professional Development in Virtual Worlds

Participants, who reflect on 10 live sessions and fill in the feedback form at the end of the MOOC, will be eligible for a certificate of completion. The due date for the reflections is October 1, 2021.

Subscribe to the Youtube playlist for the Second Life MOOC (VWMOOC21) and watch some of the participants’ videos and digital artifacts at this link