Melanie A.



My name is Melanie. I like to hang out with friends and listen to music. My favorite kind of music is dubstep, pop, and rap. I have a BFF...His/her name is Pinecone Fitzgerald. Hes/she's a cyclops/mermaid. Some people say I am crazy. :P One time I watched a cannibal movie with my friends. I picked out the movie!!:D ...Well people say im random but you know, i just like to lick tacos in my spare time soo Byeee:)

Thinking- 22%

I am attuned to others and show good emotional intelligence, which is good for supporting people.

Emotional Intelligence- 22%

Thoughtful and capable of listening to others, takes into account the need of others before setting up defined objectives.

Insights- 18%

Thoughtful and deep, thinks before getting into action and knows how to communicate with knowledge.

Management Skills- 18%

A manager and well structured person.

Pictures!!! :D