Wildcat E-Notice

Laura B. Sprague School - October 1, 2020

Welcome In-Person Learners! (A Letter from Principal Hofmeier)

Dear Parents and Guardians,

On behalf of Laura B. Sprague School, welcome to the 2020-2021 in-person learning environment! We are excited to see the smiling faces of children at Sprague! Go Wildcats! The staff has been busy planning for what in-person learning will look like balancing our need for safety as well as ensuring a positive learning environment. Many aspects of the school day have revised procedures and changes. We ask that this letter be read in its entirety.

We believe that communication between home and school is essential. Communication from the building principal is delivered through Sprague’s Wildcat Weekly. District news will be sent via the D103 News, which will also be sent through email. Over the coming weeks, these resources will be essential in sharing pertinent details with families. Your child’s teacher will provide information about their partnership and curriculum through their weekly newsletters and/or webpages. They will also communicate with parents through SeeSaw. Please take a moment to read these messages since it will be our primary mode of communication with families. If you have questions about the school processes and procedures, please contact Principal, Ann Hofmeier at ahofmeier@d103.org.

We ask for our parents' partnership during this unprecedented time. For the safety of our students and staff, we ask that parents review the COVID-19 symptom checklist prior to coming to school. If your child has any of the symptoms of COVID-19, your child must be kept home. When students arrive at school, they will have their temperature taken. Any student with a fever of 100.4 or higher, or demonstrating COVID-19 symptoms, will be sent home from school. The school nurse will advise parents of exclusion steps required based on the Illinois Department of Public Health Interim Exclusion Guidance. We also ask that parents begin having children practice wearing masks, socially distancing, and developing hand washing routines so that they are prepared for these same expectations when in-person at Sprague. Please send your child to school with enough masks since they might need to change masks as they become moist.

Classroom student size has been capped at 12 students for our K-2 Classes. Early Childhood classes are only taking students who qualify for Individual Education Plans at this time and are no longer accepting community peers into their program in order to assure there is room for students who turn three and need early childhood services with an IEP.

Kindergarten through second-grade children will have their own individual desks and will not sit at tables with multiple children. Students are spaced 6 feet apart. Common furniture and supplies have been removed from the classrooms and students will now need to use their own individual materials. If you have not already dropped off your students’ supplies, please send your child’s supplies to school on the first day. School supply lists can be found on our district webpage here Sprague School Supply Lists EC-2.

Each day, students will now bring their iPads and chargers back and forth to school. We ask that parents help students to charge their ipads nightly so that they will be ready to go when they arrive at school. iPads should always be in the student’s backpack and can even be charged in backpacks. The reason for iPads going back and forth is there is the potential for rooms, or the school, to go back into quarantine. We’d like students to have the tools they will need to be successful if this is to occur. Having their iPad will be critical to engaging in curriculum.

First- and second-grade students will have a 30 minute lunch and a 30 minute recess. Lunch will be eaten in the classroom. New this year, QUEST will be providing a free hot lunch to all students. This will start October 7. More details on this program has been released though D103 Communications. Students are able to remove their masks and utilize the plexiglass divider that can be placed on their desk while eating. Students will not be able to eat their lunch in the office, so if a parent does not send their child’s lunch to school, and brings it later, they must sign out their child, supervise their child’s lunch, and then sign them back into school.

In the event of indoor recess, we ask that parents pack a bag of individual toys in a gallon size ziploc bag for their child. Items in the bag can include crafts, Legos, books, stuffed animals, dolls, anything that can be used for single use play. We ask that no electronic games be sent to school. When outside, students can take off their masks and play group games like Simon Says, Red Light Green Light, Shadow Tag, and other games where students can socially distance and still be active. Students can also bring their bag of crafts, books, and Legos, outside for use. At this time, the playground equipment will be closed.

Students will have opportunities throughout the day to take masks breaks. These supervised breaks can occur multiple times throughout the day. Students might be taking walks, engaging in curriculum outside, or doing an active staff led activity. These activities will be needed since wearing masks will take students some time to adjust to.

Sprague’s office will be open from 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. daily, however only staff is permitted inside the building. If a parent needs to speak with the office, staff can be reached at 847-945-6665. Parents can drop off and pick up materials in the front vestibule. Those areas are labeled for parents. If you are leaving materials for your children, please make sure to label the students name, grade, and teacher.

This year, we will not have a lost and found. Please do not send expensive water bottles, clothing, or other items that would be upsetting to lose. Labeling clothes, water bottles, and other student material is important.

We also ask that students bring a filled water bottle to school with them daily. Students will be able to keep their water bottles in a safe area within their assigned classroom space and they will also be able to use our bottle filling stations throughout the school. Having a filled water bottle will eliminate the need to use the hallways as we are trying to limit multiple students in the hallways at a time.

Sprague bathrooms will have social distance guidelines. We ask that students social distance, use the bathroom, wash hands and always leave their masks on. Our custodial staff will be cleaning restrooms hourly to help them stay clean. The bathrooms will also have stalls and urinals blocked off so that students are able to socially distance.

Classes that are on an AM/PM schedule will have a mid-day cleaning. The custodial staff will sanitize desks, chairs, doors, counter spaces, and anything that might have been used by students. They will also be doing a mid-day cleaning of Early Childhood bathrooms.

Finally, you will find the in-person drop-off and pick-up procedures and programming times. These are different than they have been in the past so please read the information carefully. Thank you for your time and for entrusting us with your most precious valuable, your children.

Be Well and Take Care,

Ann Hofmeier
Principal of Laura B. Sprague School

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Drop Off Procedures AM K-2

AM Kindergarten, First, and Second-Grade student drop-off is 7:55 a.m. - 8:10 a.m. Drop off is located in the EAST parking lot. Enter the lot from Reliance Ln.

Make a right into the parking lot, pull forward to the drop-off lane. Staff will be wearing bright colored vests and will hand signal when to pull up in line. When you arrive at the drop-off line, put your car into park, a staff member will open the door, your child should be able to independently exit the car, and walk to the sidewalk.

Staff members will then hand-signal for you to proceed forward to exit. Please stay in a line, practice patience, and DO NOT PASS other cars. The line will then exit on to Reliance making a right hand turn. Parents of children that are not independent with seat belts, or are in a car seat, will need to park legally and escort your child to the side walk.

Students who are dropped off after 8:10 a.m. are considered late and will need to be walked to the front doors, and signed-in using a QR code located on the outside front door of Sprague.

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Dismissal Procedures PM K-2

Students will be picked up in the Pick-Up Drop Off lane beginning at 2:35 p.m. Parents should enter Sprague’s East parking lot from Reliance Ln and pull up to the pick-up area. Staff will be wearing brightly colored vests. Have your child’s name placard in the passengers side windshield.

Dismissal will start at 2:35 PM. We ask that students who have siblings, stand in line with their siblings so that they can be loaded into their cars together. Please put your car in park.

A staff member will open the door and load your child(ren) into the car. Staff members will then hand-signal for you to proceed forward to exit.

Please stay in a line, practice patience, and DO NOT PASS other cars. The line will then exit on to Reliance making a right hand turn. Parents of children that are not independent with seat belts, or are in a car seat, will need to park legally and pick-up your child from the parking lot.

Walking and Biking to School

Children are allowed to bike and walk to school if they live in the neighborhood. We ask that people who are picking up their children wear a mask and socially distance themselves. Students who are being pick-up and walking or bike riding, will also be picked up on the sidewalk adjacent to the east parking lot.

Early Childhood Pick Up & Drop Off Procedures

Parents will begin to drop-off Early Childhood students at Sprague’s front doors at 8:15 a.m. Please park your car legally in either the east or south parking lot. Walk your child to the front doors of Sprague. Students can enter at 8:15 where staff will be at the doors to greet students. Parents will also park and walk to the front doors at 10:30 AM to pick-up students. Do not use the bus lane for drop-off or pick-up. This is for bus use only.

Events from the PTO

Scarecrow Scavenger Hunt Competition

Get creative and have fun by creating a scary or silly scarecrow to enter into the D103 PTO competition. Use items you already have around the home to create something truly unique. Show your D103 pride with spirit wear and school colors! Please register on the PTO MembershipToolkit site.

Each family who registers an entry will receive a fall craft for their student(s). The top three scarecrows from each school receiving the most votes, will receive a $20.00 gift card to Liquid Fusion, Culvers, or Einstien Bagles.

Screenwise: Helping Kids Thrive and Survive in a COVID World

In a virtual presentation, Devorah Heitner will discuss with parents at 7 p.m. Thursday, Oct. 15 how to navigate the world of technology during the COVID19 pandemic. Register now for this free PTO Parent Education event.

Understand how to find a healthy balance with technology during this time:

• How to coach your child's technology use rather than to control it

• How parents and caregivers can support their children’s uses of technology to

connect, create and learn

• What digital platforms and apps are appropriate (or not) for elementary and middle

school kids

• Navigating the news cycle

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Junior Rush Soccer

Junior Rush soccer club offers after school soccer at North Park for Grades K-3.

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