An Interview with Mrs.VanPutten

By: Angel Fregia


This year is our wonderful science teacher Mrs.VanPutten's first year at Tomball High School.

Mrs.VanPutten got her Bachelor of science degree at Andrews University in Berrien,Michigan.

She teaches...

Mrs.VanPutten teaches:

  • Biology PAP(9)
  • Dual Credit Anatomy and Physiology(9-12)
  • Chemistry(10)

Classroom Enviroment

Mrs.VanPutten has a very intelligent 4th period class. During that period she teaches Chemistry(10). Students in the classroom are very welcoming as soon as you walk in everyone greets you. Students also are very concerned in learning. Also the students know when they are allowed to do anything and they abide by the rules of the classroom.


  • Labs are set up nice and neat in the back of the classroom
  • Glue,scissors,paper,etc in the front of the classroom
  • Turn in tray in front by her desk

Strategies used

The strategies she uses or used when I was observing the room was:

  1. She reviewed the homework packet with class
  2. She had the students work in groups for the lab activity
  3. And had them make sure to clean their mess up after they were done

Classroom management techniques

  1. Mrs.Vanputten had sent a student to the nurse when he asked if he may go.
  2. She also helps out the students when a hand gets raised or when she hears confusion among the class.

Hours put in

Mrs.VanPutten puts in about 60 hours a week or more

Biggest challenge as a teacher

She says that time is the biggest challenge out of all she never has enough time to spend with her family, grading papers, or not even enough time for herself.

Scale 1-10 (10 highest) how much self-motivation is needed?

She says 10! NO SLACK

Biggest reward for this job?

Mrs.VanPutten says her biggest and favorite reward from teaching is that knowing you made a difference in the students life. And the KIDS are just a big part of her life too.
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