Ripley Central School Elementary

News and Updates for our RCS families . . . . . . . 9-11-15

WELCOME BACK! We are so glad you are here!

Welcome Back to School! There is an exciting year awaiting, designed to promote and enhance your child’s growth and development. This very important year promises to be one filled with discovery and joy as your child works and plays in an environment that is warm, safe and challenging. We are looking forward to working together to make this a successful school year!

Opening Day!

Teachers and students alike were treated to an inspiring and interactive assembly on the first day of school with Jim Donovan of Rusted Root! Check out our videos of this on our Facebook page!

Pre K

Students in Mrs. Graham & Ms. Kolibar's Pre-K have had a great first week of school! This is the first time in recorded history that NO ONE cried on the first day. Wahoo! We are learning so many new things -- how to find our cubbies and hang up our backpacks, walk in a line, stop and put our hands up when an adult shuts the lights off, and how to sit "criss cross applesauce" with our "spoons in the bowls" during carpet time. All of this is exhausting work, so our rest times are so important! By next month at this time, all this will be easy peasey. Keep your eyes on this amazing class!


Kindergarten is off to great places this year! During our Skills Strand, the scholars are reviewing lines and circles in order to form letters, which is the first step to becoming an excellent reader. To spark their interest in reading and comprehension, we are reading many nursery rhymes. In Math, the scholars are soaring through sorting, classifying and creating different configurations with groups up to 10. During CREW, the scholars are learning about character strengths. Each day, character strengths are focused on such as Grit, Optimism and Self-Control. Lastly, we began an Art Expedition that has allowed the scholars to dig deeper into what it takes to be an artist and how art and creativity can lend to learning. We are studying many artists such as Eric Carle and Ed Emberley. Also, we are doing fieldwork at different art galleries in Ripley and Westfield. Our final art pieces will be displayed at Open House as we transform our classrooms into an Art Gallery. We have had many exciting things happening in the first couple of weeks and there is much more to come!

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Sixth Grade

6th grade has a new addition to its classroom! We have new chairs that allow us to easily turn different ways to work with a partner, work with our triad, or work in small groups. We have been focusing on working with our triads in both Math and ELA. We made Triad Talk Expectation Charts and some skills we are going to focus on are letting everyone talk, listening, showing respect, looking at the speaker, and participating. The students are very excited to be the only class with these neat chairs and we will use them to help us learn with others!

Physical Education

The school year has begun and we are excited to be back! We are starting off the year with pre-testing in grades 4-6. This gives the students an opportunity to compare their scores with those they had at the end of the 2014-2015 school year. The students will be setting fitness goals for themselves and will be working toward meeting those goals. The tests performed will be an assessment of muscular strength and endurance, as well as cardiovascular endurance and flexibility. This is a great way for students to see where they stand currently and push themselves to become better when we retest at the end of this school year.

Pre-K has been working on becoming familiar with being in the gym and locating their spots. They are focusing on space-awareness and listening skills. Kindergarten is reviewing the loco-motor skills they learned last year. First, second and third are working on skills related to moving around the gym and throwing and catching a ball. Overall, we will be working toward creating an environment of teamwork, respect and fun in physical education!

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1st Grade Crew


Thursday. . . . Sept. 10. . . . . . . Art Exploration Walking Field Trip K - 2

Monday. . . . . Sept. 14. . . . . . . Patterson Library Field Trip K - 2

Thursday. . . . Sept. 17. . . . . . . BOE Meeting 6:30 PM

Tuesday . . . . Sept. 22 . . . . . . . School Picture Day . . . Smile!

Tuesday . . . . Sept. 29 . . . . . . . Flu/Pneumonia Clinic 4:30 - 7:30 PM

Tuesday . . . . Sept. 29 . . . . . . . OPEN HOUSE and Book Fair 6:00 - 7:30 PM

All Week! . . . .October 4-10. . Fire Prevention Week

Wednesday . October 7. . . . . . Project Know Parent Orientation Night 4:00 PM

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . (watch newsletter for more details to come)

Monday. . . . . October 12 . . . . NO SCHOOL - Columbus Day

Tues.-Fri. . . . .October 13-15. . Grades 5/6 Project Know

Thursday. . . . October 15. . . . . BOE Meeting 6:30 PM

Thursday. . . . October 22. . . . . Picture Makeup Day :)