All about Splitting!

What is Mitosis?

Mitosis is The splitting or duplication of cells. They "mother" cell divides and creates a "daughter" cell. This duplication is how things in your body are repaired.

First Phase: Interphase

This phase is known as a "resting" phase, starting with a normal cell.
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Second Phase: Prophase

The phase where chromosomes are becoming visible.
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Third Phase: Pro metaphase

When the Barrier that encloses the nucleus breaks down
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Fourth Phase: Metaphase

When Chromosomes become attached to fibers.
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Fifth Phase: Anaphase

When chromosomes move away from the spindle.
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Sixth Phase: Telophase

When the cell splits into two and "breaks" down the middle.
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Why is Mitosis so important?

Mitosis is important because for one, it is how some organisms reproduce. Another reason is because it replaces damaged parts of the body. The last reason is because it is how the body grows and develops.