TAG Talk Newsletter

News for EMS and WMS TAG Parents

TAG Creativity Students Become Engineers

How can we, as engineers, use the design process to create an innovation of a product? That is the driving question for our Exploring Engineering and Innovation project launched in August. Students will be creating a prototype of their product innovation and a video pitch to present to the real-life entrepreneurs at the Idea Fest on Oct. 1, 2015. Permission forms will be coming home soon! If you would like to help chaperone on this day, let me know!

KYA Begins on Sept. 11, 2015

KYA, the Kentucky Youth Assembly will be held on Nov. 8-10, 2015 at the Crown Plaza Hotel in Louisville. 800 middle school students 6-8 grades will descend on the hotel with bills and debates prepared to take over the state government in Frankfort for 3 days! Our first meeting to introduce what KYA is all about will be held next Friday, Sept. 11 during 1st period at EMS and during 4th period at WMS. KYA is open to ALL TAG students - encourage your child to come to the meeting to see what it's all about!

EMS Student Y Club & WMS Student Council

Leadership students are encouraged to participate in the EMS Student Y Club which meets every other Friday during 1st period, or the WMS Student Council which is taking applications until Sept. 16th. Forms are on the bulletin board outside the library at WMS.

Terry Walther - EMS/WMS TAG Teacher