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What Our Lions are Learning

6th Grade

Our Swann sixth graders are learning about Ancient Rome in Social Studies and beginning their unit on plants and biomes in Science. They are reading adventure texts in ELA and working on their writing skills and final adventure projects. In Math, they are practicing expressions and equations, and students in AIMM are learning about proportional relationships and percentages.

7th Grade

Our Swann seventh graders are learning about WWII in Social Studies and genetics in Science. They are reading mystery texts in ELA and practicing expressions, equations, and inequalities in Math.

8th Grade

Our Swann eighth graders are learning about the Great Depression and period between the world wars in Social Studies and atoms, mixtures, and chemical and physical changes in Science. They are reading science fiction texts in ELA and exploring predictions and data in Math.

Be sure to ask your Swann Lion to tell you more about what they are doing in their classes!

Noticias de Spanish Immersion

In their Science class, sixth graders modeled the phases of the moon using Oreos. They completed a booklet about the moon's characteristics, phases, and movement; watched videos about the moon and what the sky looks like during its different phases; and then showed what they learned by creating models of each phase using their cookies.

Stories from STEM

Students in Ms. Thompson's STEM lab began learning about the coding process by "coding" human robots. The student acting as the human robot was blindfolded and had to perform simple, direct, step-by-step instructions ("codes") provided by the other students in the class. This student robot had to move to the window and pump hand sanitizer. Next, they will begin practicing their coding skills on a variety of real robots!

Encore Corner

Black History Month Door Winners

Meet Our Staff

Mr. Riddle has a BA in history with a focus on US-Middle East relations and minors in classical studies and cultural anthropology from UNCG. He enjoys reading and writing and is a life-long lover of music, especially any music with great guitar. His hobbies include going to the gym, playing guitar, coaching wrestling, and playing games of all varieties. His favorite thing to do is spend time with friends and family. One lesson Mr. Riddle tries to impart to his students is that anything is possible with hard work and determination, and he considers completing his bachelor's while working 50 hour work weeks one of his proudest accomplishments.

Swann Lions Athletics

Spring Sports Starting Soon!

Get ready for golf, softball, baseball, and track! If your student athlete is interested in participating, or if you'd like to see the schedule of events to come support our Lions, visit the Athletics page of the School website:

Volunteer Opportunities

Chaperoning the 7th Grade Symphony Trip

On March 15 from 9:45-11:30am, Swann 7th Graders will get to attend the symphony at Tanger Center! If you have a 7th grader and would like to chaperone, please use this link to sign-up:

You must be an approved GCS volunteer to be a chaperone. If you need to register, please visit:

Roar Store Donations

Please help us reward students who are consistently on time to class and meet school-wide expectations by supplying our Roar Store! Every morning, students who have earned Den Dollars for their positive behaviors can shop in the Roar Store. Single-serve bags of Takis, chips, and Hot Cheetos, and Gatorade are especially popular! We would also love Sonic or Wendy's gift cards to use for providing special rewards. Contact Dr. Bocci if you have questions at

Swann's 100th Birthday

Show Your Swann Spirit at the 100 year anniversary on Saturday, April 9th. There will be games, competitions, a DJ, food, and fun for the entire family. Save the date! Speakers and a featured historical section at the anniversary will help you step back into time to remember how we have evolved as a school. To volunteer, contact Leslie Wright at or any PTA member.